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Tourism picture gallery

For many years St Helier's main visitor centre was in the former terminus of the Jersey Railway at the Weighbridge

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Miscellaneous holiday pictures

Honeymooners in 1957
And ready for a special coach tour in 1953
It's amazing how family photographs keep surfacing on auction sites. This picture, taken at Greve de Lecq, and the four below, were in the same album of holiday pictures, dated 1920, and obtained by Jerripedia 100 years later. It won't happen with photographs taken now with digital cameras, unless somebody comes across an old disc drive in 2120 and decides to print them out for sale.
The donkey ride has not been a feature of Jersey's beaches recently, but it was in 1890

1900s snapshots

Identity cards

When Jersey's tourism industry was at its peak tens of thousands of visitors flooded in by boat and plane, no passports needed. Indeed, many would not have had one because they had probably been to Blackpool the summer before and would head for Bognor the next year. Then they decided that they fancied a day trip to France, but how would that be possible without a passport? The answer that travel agents offering a day return package were allowed to issue a temporary identity card, valid just for the day in question. Everybody was happy: Jersey's attraction as a holiday destination was enhanced; it was good business for the French, who offered coach trips, excellent lunches and shopping opportunites to their transient visitors; and the ferry companies and tour operators prospered, too. The temporary cards usually had to be surrendered at the end of the day, although some are still in existence, but travel company Boutins offered their clients a complementary copy of the photograph taken for the card as a memento.

Alleygrow Villa at First Tower offered its guests a weekly picnic
West Park beach
A large group of visitors on a charabanc outing pose for a formal photograph
Holidaymakers at West Park on hired bicycles in 1949

A set of 1900 holiday snaps

1000 French children

Those were the days! Jersey's tourism industry was nearing its peak in 1971 when the St Patrick brought 1,000 French children to the island on a day trip. A fleet of double-decker buses was waiting for them on the Albert Pier

Day excursions

And in the opposite direction, in 1939 day trips to French coastal towns were being actively promoted by Southern Railway

Physical jerks

Exercises on the beach at Havre des Pas and the Lower Park alongside Victoria Avenue in the 1930s

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