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Descendants of Perrin Bisson


This tree, which covers The Bissons of Trinity, was added to the site in 2019 by Guy Dixon

He researched the tree in 1991 as part of his Bissons of Jersey project, which was not completed due to the register of the neighbouring parish of St John being then unavailable to the general public.

This tree is what had been achieved before that time for Trinity, but extends only to the late 18th century.

As with any tree covering such a large range of years, early dates must be viewed as approximate



La Maison de la Croisée, later known as La Croiserie, Trinity

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  • 1 Perrin Bisson (1450-1525) (Tr) [1] m Regnaulde (Renée) unknown
    • 2 Jean Bisson (1475?-1534) [2] m Catherine daughter of Philippot Gallichan, [3]
      • 3 Jean Bisson (1498-1544) [4] m Guillemette Le Pipet daughter of Nicolas [5]
        • 4 Jean Bisson (1520-1550) [6] m (1541) Thomasse unknown, [7]
          • 5 Philippe Bisson (1543-1626) [8] m Unknown Le Boutillier daughter of Jean and of Catherine [9]
            • 6 Jean Bisson (1570- ) [10] m Elizabeth Le Boutillier (1580?-1621) daughter of Philippe and of Perronelle Payn [11]
              • 7 Philippe Bisson (1600- ) (Tr) [12] m unknown
                • 8 Edouard Bisson (1630- ) [13]
            • 6 Philippe Bisson (1575-1615) m unknown
              • 7 Pierre Bisson ( -1614) [14]
          • 5 Jean Bisson (1545-1600) [15]
          • 5 Denys Bisson (1549- died by 1605) [16] m Susanne unknown [17]
            • 6 Jean Bisson (1575-1624) [18] (Tr),[19] m 2 (1621, Tr) Elizabeth Le Cornu, [20]; 1 Jeanne unknown ( -1615)
              • 7 Jean Bisson (1600- ) [21] m Elizabeth unknown ( -1645)
                • 8 Elizabeth Bisson (1644- )
              • 7 Elizabeth Bisson (1600-1614) [22]
            • 6 Philippe Bisson (1578- ) living 1604 [23] m Marie Gallichan
              • 7 Thomas Bisson (1603- ) [24] no issue m (1657, Tr) Elizabeth Gruchy daughter of Philippe and Guillemette Cabot
              • 7 Jean Bisson (1604- ) living 1640 m (1625, Tr) [25] Philippine de Quetteville
                • 8 Nicolas Bisson (1628-1672) [26] m (1663, Tr) Elizabeth Guillaume
              • 7 Nicolas Bisson (1610?- )
              • 7 Elizabeth Bisson m Pierre Le Preveu
              • 7 Marie Bisson ( -1626)
          • 5 Collette Bisson m Thomas Le Feuvre [27]
        • 4 Collin Bisson (1522- ) [28]
        • 4 Philippe Bisson (1524- ) [29]
      • 3 Regnaulde Bisson (1505- ) m Jacques Giffard [30]
      • 3 Catherine Bisson m Jean Le Breton
    • 2 Hélier Bisson (1480-1555) [31]
    • 2 Daughter Bisson (1483- ) m Jean Gallichan
    • 2 Nicolas (Collas) Bisson (1485-1544) [32] m (c1518) Thomyne Gruchy or de Gruchy (1500-1586) daughter of James [33]
      • 3 Philippe Bisson (1518-1571) [34] m Thomasse unknown
        • 4 Collas Bisson (1540-1573) [35] m unknown
          • 5 Hélier Bisson (1569- ) [36]
        • 4 Isabel Bisson [37] m Pierre Le Breton [38]
        • 4 Jean Bisson (1551- ) [39] m Caroline Corbel daughter of Michel
          • 5 Nicolas Bisson (1575-1632) [40] m Collette unknown ( -1632)
          • 5 Philippe Bisson (1580-1626) [41] m (1602, St H) Marie de Soulemont ( -1625) daughter of Guillaume and of Marguerite Lemprière, daughter of Philippe, Jurat [42]
            • 6 Jean Bisson (1610- ) [43] m (1641, St H) [44] Jeanne de Soulemont ( -1656) daughter of Pierre
            • 6 Marguerite Bisson m Abraham Chevalier [45]
            • 6 Jeanne Bisson m Jean Briard
          • 5 Collette Bisson m Philippe Le Masurier
          • 5 Susanne Bisson m Nicolas Blondel
          • 5 Jeanne Bisson ( -1629) [46] m François Le Sueur
          • 5 Catherine Bisson m Nicolas Dutot [47]
          • 5 Mabel Bisson m Thomas Grandin
          • 5 Marie Bisson m Leonard Néel
        • 4 Barthélemy Bisson (1552-1606) [48] m Françoise unknown ( -1617)
          • 5 Jean Bisson (1575- 1620) [49] m unknown
            • 6 Jean Bisson (1600- ) [50]
            • 6 Marguerite Bisson (1600- ) m (1621, Tr) [51] Thomas Blampied son of Gilles
          • 5 Philippe Bisson, living 1606
          • 5 Elizabeth Bisson, living 1606
      • 3 Nicolas Bisson (1520- ) [52] m (1550) Guillemette Hamon daughter of Jean, of Les Câteaux, Constable of Trinity and of Collette Payn, daughter of Richard[53] [54]
        • 4 Hélier Bisson (1550-1625) [55] m [56] Jeanne Bisson ( -1647) daughter of Perrin, of Trinity, and Marie Romeril, his wife
          • 5 Philippe Bisson (1580-1639) of Augrès m (1610) Anne Le Gallais ( -1647), daughter of Matthieu, of Surville, and Catherine Martel [57]
            • 6 Nicolas Bisson ( -1614)
            • 6 Marie Bisson ( -1618)[58]
            • 6 Nicolas Bisson (1617-1669) [59] m Elizabeth Coutanche ( -1669) [60]
              • 7 Hélier Bisson (1641- ) [61]
              • 7 Thomas Bisson (1643-1645)
              • 7 Nicolas Bisson (1644-1726) [62] m (1677, St L) Marguerite Le Boutillier [63]
              • 7 Jean Bisson (1648- )
              • 7 Thomas Bisson (1650-1670) [64]
              • 7 Sara Bisson (1652- ) m Philippe Le Geyt [65]
            • 6 Edouard Bisson (1619- )
            • 6 Hélier (or Elie) (1619- ) [66]
            • 6 Marie Bisson (1622- ) m (1644) Guillaume Le Cornu [67]
            • 6 Collette Bisson (1625- ) m (1655) Pierre Le Breton [68]
            • 6 Jeanne Bisson (1627- ) m (1662, Tr) Benjamin Le Breton [69]
            • 6 Sara Bisson (1629-1629)
          • 5 Elizabeth Bisson ( -1646) m (1618, Tr) Jean Coutanche son of Olivier
          • 5 Jeanne Bisson m 1 (1616, Tr) Philippe Le Ber; 2 (1625, Tr) Jean Poingdestre [70]
        • 4 Marguerite Bisson [71]
      • 3 Genette Bisson (1523- ) m Raulin Le Breton, Constable of Trinity, 1580-1585 [72]
      • 3 Helier Bisson (1525- ) living 1556
      • 3 Yvon Bisson (1528- ) [73] m unknown
        • 4 Collette Bisson m Thomas Benest of Trinity [74]
      • 3 Jean Bisson, "fils Collyn," living 1556
      • 3 Perrin Bisson, "fils Collyn" (1556) and "fils Nicolas," living 1568 [Câtel]
    • 2 Pierre Bisson (1487-1555) [75] m 1 Typhaine unknown [76]
      • 3 Hélier Bisson (1510- ) living 1579 [77]
      • 3 Collas Bisson (1512-liv 1579)
    • 2nd wife of Pierre Bisson, Marie Gallichan ( -1563) eldest daughter of Collas, son of Philippot
      • 3 Pierre Bisson (1515-by 1563) [78] m unknown [79]
        • 4 Pierre Bisson (1536-1563) [80] m unknown
      • 3 Daughter Bisson (1523- ) m Jean Maret
      • 3 Richard Bisson (1526-1586) of Trinity [81] m Perronelle Unknown [82]
      • 3 Collette Bisson (1530- ) m Bernabey de Gruchy of La Chasse [83]
      • 3 Daughter Bisson (1533- ) m Jean Journeaux
      • 3 Perronelle Bisson (1536-) m Richard Alexandre of Trinity [84]
      • 3 Marie Bisson (1540-liv 1586)
      • 3 Beneste Bisson (1545-liv 1586) [85]
      • 3 Jean Bisson (1553- ) [86]
    • 2 Daughter Bisson (1489- ) m (1510) Jean Chevalier of St Helier [87]
    • 2 Genette Bisson (1492-) m (1515) Ambroise Le Breton [88]
    • 2 Regnaulde Bisson (1496- ) m Barthélemy Ahier of St Saviour [89]
    • 2 Philippe Bisson (1500-1581) Constable of Trinity, 1571-1580 [90] m 1 (1521?) unknown Gallichan relative of Sire Thomas, priest (no issue); 2 (1522?) Jeanette Malzard daughter of Simon, Constable of St John, and of Catherine, his wife [91]
      • 3 Perrin Bisson (1523- ) [92] m Marie Romeril daughter of Léonard, of La Fontaine, and of Jeanette Le Boutillier, his wife
        • 4 Michel Bisson (1555-1606) Centenier of Trinity 1594-1606 [93] m Isabel Messervy [94] daughter of Edouard, Solicitor-General, and of Marguerite Lemprière, daughter of Thomas, Seigneur de Diélament, Jurat
          • 5 Philippe Bisson (1585-1647) [95] m 1 (1608?) Marie Hamptonne ( -1632) daughter of Hélier [96] and of Hélière Journeaux, daughter of Clément, Seigneur of St Jean La Hougue Boëte, Lieutenant-Bailiff and of Thomasse Lemprière
            • 6 Daniel Bisson (1610?- ) [97] m (1643, Tr) Susanne Le Breton (1600-1673) [98] daughter of Jean, and widow of Josué Bisson son of Jean [99]
              • 7 Susanne Bisson (1645-1661) [100]
              • 7 Daniel Bisson (1647?- 1678) [101] m (1/1674, Tr) Sara Cabot daughter of Jean and of Sara de Gruchy, daughter of Thomas, Centenier of St Laurence, and of Rachel de Soulemont [102]
                • 8 Sara Bisson (11/1674-1675)
                • 8 Daniel Bisson (1676-1769) [103] Vingtenier des Augrès 1704-5- m (1697, St J) Elizabeth Lemprière ( -1760) of St John, daughter of Théophile
                  • 9 Philippe Bisson (1698-1748) [104] no issue
                  • 9 Marie Bisson (1701- ) m 1 (1727, St H) Michel Poingdestre ( -1728) (St H) [105]; 2 (1731, Tr) François Gruchy (1689-1773) of Champs Clairs (Tr)
                  • 9 Daniel Bisson (1703-1780) m (1737, St L) Marie Langlois daughter of Hélier, of St Laurence ( -1755) [106]
                  • 9 Charles Bisson (1705-1782) no issue
                  • 9 Elie Bisson (1707-by 1782) no apparent issue
                  • 9 Jean Bisson (1709-1710)
                  • 9 Jean Bisson (1712- ) living 1782
                  • 9 Elizabeth Bisson (1714- ) living 1744
                  • 9 Susanne Bisson (1717-1741)
                  • 9 Sara Bisson (1719-1806) m (1755, Tr) Edouard Chevalier [110]
                • 8 Suzanne Bisson (1678?-1741)
            • 6 Michel Bisson (1612?-1663?) B.A. (Cantab) [111]
            • 6 Jean Bisson (1616?- ) [112]
            • 6 Philippe Bisson (1619?-by 1668) [113]
            • 6 Maximilien Bisson (1623?- ) [114] of the "Towne of Plymouth", Merchant m Unknown
              • 7 Maximilian Bisson of the City of London m Rebecca ( -- ) [115]
            • 6 Elizabeth Bisson (1628-1651) “fille Philippe, fils Michel” m (1648) Thomas Gruchy of Augrès [116]
          • by the 2nd wife of Philippe Bisson, m (1633, St Mt) Marie Gibault daughter of Nicolas, Seigneur de la Godelière, Constable of St Laurence, 1621-1629 and of Catherine Le Brocq
            • 6 Catherine Bisson (1635?-1691) [117] m (her 2nd cousin) Jean Bisson of Trinity, Advocate [118] (issue: see below)
          • 5 Marie Bisson(1587- ) m Jean Fondan [119]
          • 5 Jeanne Bisson (1590- ) m Jean Le Couteur [120]
          • 5 Jean Bisson (1593-by 1643) no issue [121]
          • 5 Elie Bisson (1595?- ) living 1625 [122]
          • 5 Edouard Bisson (1598?-c.1657) m unknown
            • 6 Edouard Bisson (1622?- ) [123]
            • 6 Philippe Bisson (1624?- ) living 1662 m unknown
              • 7 Richard Bisson (1646-1646) (Tr)
              • 7 Philippe Bisson (1647- ) (Tr) [124]
        • 4 Jeanne Bisson (1558?-1647) m (her 2nd cousin) Hélier Bisson (1550?-1625) son of Nicolas
        • 4 Katherine Bisson (1562?- ) m Olivier Gruchy (1555?-1614), Rector of St Clement [125]
        • 4 Jean Bisson (1565-1646) [126] m (1590) Elizabeth Messervy daughter and co-heir of Guillaume of Hérupe, and of Marie Hamon [127] of La Chênée
          • 5 Jeanne Bisson (1592- ) m (1612) Thomas Cabot
          • 5 Josué Bisson (1595-1643) of Trinity [128] m (1619, Tr) Susanne Le Breton (1600-1673) daughter and heir of Jean and of Susanne Machon, daughter of Laurens, Rector of Trinity [129]
            • 6 Jean Bisson (1622?-1668) Advocate [130] m (his 2nd cousin) Catherine Bisson ( -1691) daughter of Philippe, son of Michel
              • 7 Benjamin Bisson (1655-1719) [131] m (1675, Tr) Marie Deslandes (1651-1712) daughter of Josué and of Collette Gallichan (Tr)
                • 8 Marie Bisson ( -1689)
                • 8 Charles Bisson (1679- ) (Tr) died by 1712 [132] m (1703, Tr) Esther Gruchy (1681-1736) daughter of Josué, Constable of Trinity and of Esther Le Couteur [133]
                • 8 Jeanne Bisson (1680?-1692)
                • 8 Daniel Bisson (1682?-1691)
                • 8 Elie Bisson (1684-1773) (Tr) m Anne Laffoley ( -1740)
                  • 9 Benjamin Bisson (1711-1722)
                  • 9 Anne Bisson (1712- ) [137] m (1732, St Mt) Elie Le Maistre
                  • 9 Elie Bisson (1715-1746)
                • 8 Catherine Bisson (1688-1691)
                • 8 Benjamin Bisson (1690-1718) (Tr) m (1713, St S) Elizabeth Ahier ( -1761) probably daughter or sister of Gédéon, lecteur (St S)
                  • 9 Benjamin Bisson (1714-1792) m 1 (1739, Tr) Marguerite Chevalier (-1742); 2 (1744, Tr) Susanne Esnouf (1711-1792) daughter of Jean and Susanne Le Boutillier of (St H) [138]
                    • 10 Benjamin Bisson (1745- ) [139] m (1775, St H) Jeanne Poingdestre daughter of Jean [140]
                      • 11 Jeanne Bisson (1777- ) [141] m (1810, St H) Charles Matthews (St H) [142]
                    • 10 Marie Bisson (1747-1792?) [143] m (1778, St H) Jean Perchard of St Saviour
                    • 10 Magdaleine Bisson (1750-1750)
                    • 10 Esther Bisson (1752- )
                    • 10 Daniel Bisson (1755- ) of Le Mottais Farm (St J) [144] m (1776, St J) Esther Marche
                  • 9 Marie Bisson (1719- ) [145]
                • 8 Michel Bisson (1694-1694)
              • 7 Josué Bisson (1656-by 1680) living 1678 [146] no issue [147]
              • 7 Marie Bisson (1658- ) m Thomas Le Geyt
              • 7 Catherine Bisson (1659- )
              • 7 Jean Bisson (1660?- ) living 1729 m Marthe Benest (1667-1748) daughter of Philippe (1629-1716), son of Hélier, of Trinity [148]
                • 8 Josué Bisson (1689- ) [149] m Elizabeth Touzel of St Clement ( -1762) [150], no apparent issue
                • 8 Benjamin Bisson (1689-1691) [151]
                • 8 Elizabeth Bisson (1692-1692)
                • 8 François Bisson (1693-1693)
                • 8 Jean Bisson (1694- ) m (1722, Tr) Elizabeth Bisson (1700-1752) (Tr) buried as a widow; daughter of Jean (fils Perrin) and Marie Hocquard
                  • 9 Elizabeth Bisson (1723- ) died by 1731
                  • 9 Jean Bisson (1724- ) [152] m (1757, Tr) Esther Hocquard (1737-1799) daughter of Josué and Esther, nee Blampied (Tr)
                    • 10 Jean Bisson (1760- )
                    • 10 Charles Bisson (1763- ) [153]
                  • 9 Benjamin Bisson (1725- ) m (by 1752) Marie Querée
                    • 10 Benjamin Bisson (1752- ) [154]
                    • 10 Marie Bisson (1754- )
                    • 10 Charles Bisson (1757- ) [155]
                  • 9 Charles Bisson (1726-1729?) probably died an infant
                  • 9 Edouard Bisson (1727-1795) m (1751, Tr) Esther Hocquard (1730-1810) "veuve Edouard"; daughter of Elie (Tr)
                    • 10 Edouard Bisson (1752-1752) [156]
                    • 10 Jean Bisson (1753-1781) [157]
                    • 10 Esther Bisson (1756-1808) [158] m (1776, Tr) Elie Bisson (1749-1797)
                    • 10 Marie Bisson (1769- )
                  • 9 Charles Bisson (1729- ) (Tr) m (1759, Tr) Jeanne Benest (1730-1791) "femme Charles" and daughter of Jean and Jeanne Picot (Tr)
                    • 10 Jeanne Bisson (1760- )
                    • 10 Charles Bisson (1763- )
                    • 10 Marie Bisson (1766- )
                    • 10 Jean Bisson (1769- )
                    • 10 Philippe Bisson (1772- ) [159]
                  • 9 Elizabeth Bisson (1731- )
                  • 9 François Bisson (1733- )
                  • 9 Rachel Bisson (1736- ) m (1764, Tr) Charles Benest (Tr) [160]
                • 8 Elizabeth Bisson (1695-1749) living 1733 m (1728, St J) Jean Nicolle
                • 8 Benjamin Bisson (1697-1740) m (1727, St H) Jeanne Cabot ( -1778)
                  • 9 Marie Bisson (1728- )
                  • 9 Jeanne Bisson (1729-1739)
                  • 9 Esther Bisson (1731-1732)
                  • 9 Benjamin Bisson (1733- ) [161] m (1769, Tr) Jeanne Blampied
                    • 10 Anne Bisson (1770- )
                  • 9 Philippe Bisson (1733- )
                  • 9 Josué Bisson (1735-1765) (Tr) m (1763, St My) Susanne Benest (Tr)
                    • 10 Esther Bisson (1765- ) [162]
                  • 9 Esther Bisson (1739- )
                • 8 Marguerite Bisson (1700- ) [163]
                • 8 Edouard Bisson (1703- ) godparent 1727 and 1732 (Tr) m (1731, Tr) Rachel Hubert (1702-1785) daughter of Clement and Susanne Vaudin
                  • 9 Rachel Bisson (1732- ) m (1753, Tr) Charles Hamon
                  • 9 Marguerite Bisson (1737-1797) buried as "veuve Charles" m (1757, St My) Charles Bisson (1734-1796)
                • 8 Charles Bisson (1705-1710?) [164] died in infancy?
                • 8 Marthe Bisson ( -1708)
                • 8 Charles Bisson (1710-1746) buried 1746: "Charles fils Jean Bisson et Marthe Benest"
              • 7 Michel Bisson (1663-1711) of Croiserie [165] m Marguerite Le Breton daughter and heir of Pierre and of Collette Bisson, his wife, daughter of Philippe, son of Hélier (above) [166]
                • 8 Daughter Bisson (1688?-1691)
                • 8 Jean Bisson (1689- ) died by 1692
                • 8 Jacques Bisson (1691- ) died by 1733, no issue
                • 8 Jean Bisson (1692- ) died by 1733, no issue [167]
                • 8 Marguerite Bisson (1693- ) m (1714, St S) Philippe de Gruchy of Trinity [168]
                • 8 Michel Bisson (1695-1772) of Croiserie [169] m Jeanne Lemprière daughter of Hélier and Esther Le Gros, of Trinity ( -1736) [170]
                  • 9 Esther Bisson (1726- ) daughter and heiress m (1755, St S) Michel Payn [171]
                  • 9 Anne Bisson (1728- ) m Abraham Payn
                  • 9 Marie Bisson (1732-1739)
                • 8 Elizabeth Bisson ( -1763) [172] m (1717, Tr) Jean Cabot
                • 8 Marie Bisson “fille 3e née”
              • 7 Amice Bisson (1664- ) died by 1691, no issue [173]
              • 7 Edouard Bisson (1667) “fils Me Jean Bisson, Avocat”, no issue
            • 6 Daniel Bisson (1628?-1678) no issue [174]
            • 6 Elizabeth Bisson (1631-1642)
            • 6 Marie Bisson (1632-1639?)
            • 6 Marie Bisson (1640-1642)
          • 5 Amice Bisson (1598?- ) settled in St Helier in 1647, Advocate, 1626-1651 [175] m (1632, Tr) Marie Le Boutillier daughter and heir of Drouet, of Trinity
          • 5 Marie Bisson (1600?- ) m (1622) Jean Millais of St Saviour
          • 5 Jean Bisson (1603?-1670) “fils Jean” [178] m (1644, Tr) Elizabeth Falle daughter of Philippe, Seigneur de Ponterrin
            • 6 Elizabeth Bisson (1644-1646)
            • 6 Jean Bisson (1646-1649)
            • 6 Elizabeth Bisson (1647- )
            • 6 Marie Bisson (1649-1651?)
            • 6 Jean Bisson (1650-1676) unmarried?
            • 6 Marie Bisson (1651-1725) m [179] (1683, St Mt) Francois Philippe
            • 6 Susanne Bisson (1653- )
            • 6 Josué Bisson (1655- ) settled in New England [180] m Hannah unknown
          • 5 Elizabeth Bisson [181] m Abraham Le Maistre, Seigneur of Quetivel, Constable of St Martin
        • 4 Edouard Bisson (1567?- ) living 1612 (above)
        • 4 Léonard Bisson (1570?-1623) of Ville à L`Evêcque, 1613 [182] m unknown
          • 5 Jean Bisson (1595?-1654) (Tr) [183] m (1619, Tr) Marthe Gruchy (1593-1654) daughter of Jean and Marie Coutanche
            • 6 Perrin Bisson (1625?-1661) [184] m (1644, Tr) Jeanne Deslandes daughter of Pierre (Tr)
              • 7 Josué Bisson (1644-1650?)
              • 7 Jeanne Bisson (1645-1652?) [185]
              • 7 Rachel Bisson (1647-1660) [186]
              • 7 Jean Bisson (1648-1714) married twice as "Jean fils Perrin" m 1 (1674, St J) Jeanne de Gruchy ( -1692), widow of Hélier Larbalestier; 2 (1694, Tr) Marie Hocquard
                • 8 Jeanne Bisson (1695- )
                • 8 Marie Bisson (1698- )
                • 8 Elizabeth Bisson (1700-1752) m (1722, Tr) Jean Bisson (1694-by 1752) son of Jean and Marthe Benest
                • 8 Jean Bisson (1705- )
              • 7 Josué Bisson (1651- ) [187]
              • 7 Jeanne Bisson (1653- )
              • 7 Philippe Bisson (1661- ) m (1703, Tr) Marie Chevalier [188]
                • 8 Philippe Bisson (1706- )
                • 8 Edouard Bisson (1710-1711)
                • 8 Jean Bisson (1712- ) [189] m (1736, Tr) Elizabeth Hamon ( -1764) [190] (Tr)
                  • 9 Marie Bisson (1739- ) [191]
                • 8 Marguerite Bisson (1715- )
                • 8 Josué Bisson (1716- ) [192]
                • 8 Marie Bisson (1719- )
                • 8 François Bisson (1721- )
            • 6 Josué Bisson (1628?-11/1676) [193] m (1649, Tr) Elizabeth Mollet ( -12/1676), buried as a widow
              • 7 Marguerite Bisson (1649- )
              • 7 Josué Bisson (1651- ) [194]
              • 7 Jeanne Bisson (1653- ) [195]
            • 6 Marthe Bisson ( -1663) m Amice Gaudin
          • 5 Jeanne Bisson (1607?- ) “fille Léonard” m (1634, St S) Matthieu Dorey ( -1666), Advocate and Enregistreur des Contrats, 1646-52 [196]
      • 3 Philippe Bisson junr. (1524?- ) living 1550 [197]
      • 3 Hélier Bisson ( 1525?- ) [198] m Catherine Cabot daughter of Perrin [199]
        • 4 Thomas Bisson (1546?- ) (Tr) [200] m (1567?) Collette de Gruchy (1543?- ) daughter of Matthieu, of La Chasse [201]
          • 5 Thomas Bisson (1570?-1615) of Trinity m Regnaulde unknown ( -1630) [202]
            • 6 Marie Bisson (1595?- ) “fille Thomas” m (1616, Tr) Matthieu Le Sueur
            • 6 Gilles Bisson (1597?- 1650) [203] m (1623, St J) Marie Le Sebirel daughter of Jean, of Hérupe [204]
              • 7 Nicolas Bisson (1625?- ) (Tr) “fils Gilles” m 1 (1651, Tr) Renaulde de la Haye ( -1676) [205] m 2 (1677, Tr) Elizabeth Giffard? [206] (no issue)
                • 8 Jean Bisson (1651-1672) [207]
                • 8 Nicolas Bisson (10/1653-1656?) [208]
                • 8 Marguerite Bisson (6/1654- ) living 1676 [209]
                • 8 Thomas Bisson (4/1655-1657?)
                • 8 Gilles Bisson (1656/7-1657) [210]
                • 8 Philippe Bisson (1656/7-1657) twin brother of Gilles [211]
                • 8 Nicolas Bisson (4/1657- ) [212] m 1 (1675, Tr) Anne Grandin ( -1676) [213] 2 (1677, Tr) Elizabeth Grandin? [214]
                  • 9 Marie Bisson (1678?- ) [215] m Benjamin Le Sueur
                • 8 Thomas Bisson (1658- )
                • 8 Marie Bisson (1659-1662) [216]
                • 8 Marie Bisson (1662-1663)
              • 7 Jean Bisson (1628-1676) (Tr) “fils Gilles” m Jeanne unknown ( -1692)
                • 8 Möise Bisson (1656- ) “fils Jean, fils Gilles” living 1681 [217] m Judith Pithon
                • 8 Sara Bisson (1663- )
                • 8 Philippe Bisson (1668?-1671) "fils Jean"
                • 8 Nicolas Bisson (1674-1674) “fils Jean”
                • 8 Nicolas Bisson (1675- ) [218]
            • 6 Philippe Bisson (1600?-1650) m (1620, Tr) Marie Luce ( -1670) daughter of Léonard [219]
              • 7 Thomas Bisson (1621?-by 1675?) [220] m Jeanne Cabot, living 1653, (a godmother, above), perhaps sister of Aaron
                • 8 Thomas Bisson (1642-1646)
                • 8 Jean Bisson (5/1644-1645)
                • 8 Jean Bisson (2/1645- ) [221] m ?Jeanne
                  • 9 Anne Bisson (1679-1760) m (1707, Tr) Josué Rondel (Tr)
                  • 9 Elizabeth Bisson (1688- ) m (1714, Tr) Josué Picot (Tr)
                  • 9 Susanne Bisson (1691- ) living 1716
                  • 9 Jean Bisson (1693- ) "fils ainé" and principal heir
                  • 9 Thomas Bisson (1696- ) "fils Jean, fils Thomas" (1696)
                • 8 Marie Bisson (1647- )
                • 8 Elie Bisson (1648- ) ?died by 1675, without issue (see below)
                • 8 Jeanne Bisson ( -1651)
                • 8 Josué Bisson (1650-1656)
                • 8 Marie Bisson (1652- ) [222]
                • 8 Benjamin Bisson (1653- ) living 1675 [223] m (by 1682) Elizabeth Nicolle [224]
                • 8 Thomas Bisson (1656-1656)
                • 8 Josué Bisson (1657- ) living 1716
                • 8 Philippe Bisson (6/1661- )
                • 8 Sara Bisson (1664- )
              • 7 Hélier Bisson (1625?- ) [225] m unknown
              • 7 Marie Bisson (1627- ) [226]
              • 7 Philippe Bisson (1630?-1693) living 1671 m (1672, Tr) Sara Cabot
                • 8 Aaron Bisson (1673-1748) [227] m 1 (1701, Tr) Marie Benest (1669-4/1712) daughter of Philippe, of Trinity [228] m 2 (7/1712, St L) Marie Benoit (in this instance Benest) [229] daughter of Charles and of Collette Romeril (Tr)
                  • 9 Marie Bisson (1703- ) [230] m (1733, Tr) Thomas Blampied
                  • 9 Aaron Bisson (1705- ) living 1730
                  • 9 Charles Bisson (1708-1789) [231] m (1733, Tr) Judith Bisson (1709-1793) [232] daughter of Pierre (Tr), son of Thomas, a native of St Peter [233]
                    • 10 Charles Bisson (1734-1796) [234] m (1759, St My) Marguerite Bisson (1737-1797) daughter of Edouard, of Trinity [235]
                      • 11 Judith Bisson (1761- ) [236]
                      • 11 Charles Bisson (1763-1808) [237]
                      • 11 Elie Bisson (1768- ) [238]
                      • 11 George Bisson (1769- ) [239] m (1797, St S) Elizabeth Machon (1770-1849) daughter of Josue (1739-1813) and Rachel, nee Blampied (1740- )
                        • 12 George Bisson (1798- ) (St S)
                        • 12 Elizabeth Bisson (1801- ) (St S)
                        • 12 Jean Bisson (1803- ) (St S)
                        • 12 Elie Bisson (1805- ) (St S) m (1832, St S) Jeanne Le Marquand
                          • 13 Elie Bisson (1833- ) (St S)
                          • 13 Jeanne Bisson (1835- ) (St S)
                          • 13 Philippe Bisson (1837- ) (St S) m (1860, St S) Elizabeth Pirouet (1839-1906)
                            • 14 Philip Bisson (1862- ) (St S)
                            • 14 Jane Bisson (1864- ) (St S)
                            • 14 Jane Bisson (1866- ) (St S)
                            • 14 Elias (George) Bisson (1868- ) (St S) m (1892, St S) Ada Le Gresley (1865- ) daughter of John
                              • 15 Doris Stuart Bisson (1893- ) (St H)
                              • 15 Ivy Maud Bisson (1893- ) (St H)
                              • 15 Lilian Ada Bisson (1893- ) (St H)
                              • 15 Grace Violet Bisson (1893- ) (St H)
                              • 15 Harold Philip Duncan Bisson (1893- ) (Methodist)
                            • 14 Emilie Bisson (1871- ) (St S)
                            • 14 Emilie Bisson (1872- ) (St S)
                            • 14 Emilie Bisson (1873- ) (St S)
                            • 14 Mary Ann Bisson (1874- ) (St S)
                            • 14 Eliza Bisson (1875- ) (St S)
                            • 14 Eliza Bisson (1877- ) (St S)
                            • 14 Ann Bisson (1880- ) (St S)
                          • 13 Jane Bisson (1838- ) (St S)
                          • 13 Jane Elizabeth Bisson (1843- ) (St S)
                        • 12 Philippe Bisson (1808- ) (St H)
                        • 12 Jeanne Bisson (1811- ) (St S)
                        • 12 MAarie Bisson (1814- ) (St S)
                    • 10 Esther Bisson (1736- )
                    • 10 Judith Bisson (1739- ) living 1761 m (1764, St J) Edouard Baudains (St J)
                    • 10 Elie Bisson (1749-1797) (Tr) [240] m 1 (1770, St John) Elizabeth Bisson of (Tr) ( -1773) "femme Elie"; 2 (1776, Tr) Esther Bisson of (Tr) (1756-1808) "veuve Elie", daughter of Edouard
                • by Aaron Bisson`s 2nd wife, Marie Benoit (Benest)
                  • 9 Apoline Bisson (1713- ) "fille Aaron Bisson et Marie Benest"
                  • 9 Philippe Bisson (1715-1733) [241]
                  • 9 Elizabeth Bisson (1717- ) m Josué Le Masurier [242]
                  • 9 Jeanne Bisson (1720- ) living 1746 [243]
              • 7 Benjamin Bisson (1635?-1676) [244] m unknown
                • 8 Philippe Bisson (1661?-1708) “fils Benjamin” (1708) m unknown
                  • 9 Philippe Bisson (1689- )
                • 8 Jean Bisson (1664-1716) “fils Benjamin” m unknown
                  • 9 Jean Bisson "fils Jean, fils Benjamin" [245]
                • 8 Jeanne Bisson (1666- ) [246]
                • 8 Benjamin Bisson (1668-4/1672)
                • 8 Benjamin Bisson (6/1672-1760) [247] m (1712?) Elizabeth Gallichan ( -1748) “femme Benjamin”
                  • 9 Elizabeth Bisson (1715- ) [248]
                  • 9 Benjamin Bisson (1716-1789) m (1740, Tr) Elizabeth Benest (1714-1770) "femme Benjamin" [249] daughter of Charles, of Trinity
                    • 10 Elizabeth Bisson (1741- )
                    • 10 Philippe Bisson (1744- ) of Les Ruettes, near La Fontaine, (Tr) [250] m (1771, St J) Marie Gruchy daughter of Pierre, of St John and Marie Nicolle [251]
                    • 10 Daniel Bisson (1748- ) [252] settled after marriage in St John m (1775, St J) Elizabeth Rondel of St Laurence [253]
                      • 11 Daniel Bisson (1776- ) [254] (St J) m (1796, St J) Rachel Barette (St J)
                        • 12 Daniel Bisson (1821-1899) to Quebec m Mary Jane Almond (1820-1912) [255]
                          • 13 Emily Bisson (1841-1882) (Que)
                          • 13 Joseph Bisson (1844-1846) (Que)
                          • 13 Charles Bisson (1846-1898) (Que) m (1868, Port Daniel) Margaret Beebe (1845-1884)
                            • 14 Charles Bisson (1870-1920)
                            • 14 James Bisson
                            • 14 Herman Bisson (1874-1957)(1871-1950) m Ida Jane Young (1876-1954)
                              • 15 Stella Bisson (1903-2000)
                              • 15 Laura Bisson (1905- )
                              • 15 Ruby Margaret Bisson (1907- )
                              • 15 Olive Pearl Bisson (1910- )
                            • 14 Mary Ann Bisson (1876- )
                            • 14 Joseph Howard Bisson (1880-1960)
                            • 14 Johnny Bisson (1887- )
                            • 14 Percy Bisson (1889- )
                            • 14 Leslie Bisson (1890- )
                          • 13 Matilda Bisson (1847- ) (Que)
                          • 13 Daniel Bisson (1849- ) (Que)
                          • 13 John Bisson (1850-1923) (Que)
                          • 13 James Almond Bisson (1853-1938) (Que)
                          • 13 Joseph Howard Bisson (1855-1924) (Que)
                          • 13 Louisa Maria Bisson (1857- ) (Que)
                          • 13 William Bisson (1859- ) (Que)
                          • 13 Ada Clara Bisson (1859- ) (Que)
                          • 13 Thomas Byers Bisson (1860-1891) (Que)
                          • 13 Edward Bisson (1862-1935) (Que)
                          • 13 Mary Catherine Bisson (1865-1869) (Que)
                          • 13 Edmond Bisson (1863- ) (Que)
                          • 13 Edward Bisson (1875-1950) (Que) m (1893, Michigan, USA) Edla Angell (1877-1903)
                            • 14 Enid Catherine Bisson (1894-1969)
                      • 11 Elizabeth Bisson (1777- ) [256]
                      • 11 Marie Bisson (1779- )
                      • 11 Philippe Bisson (1781- ) (St J)
                      • 11 Jeanne Bisson (1784- )
                    • 10 Charles Bisson (1751-1781?) “fils Benjamin” [257]
                    • 10 Marie Bisson (1754- ) m (1777, Tr) Jean Marett of Trinity [258]
                    • 10 Magdaleine Bisson (1758-1758)
                    • 10 François Bisson (1760- )
                  • 9 Philippe Bisson (1719- ) m (1742, Tr) Marie Syvret of St John [259]
                  • 9 Daniel Bisson (1722- ) [260] settled in St John m (1742, Tr) Elizabeth Baudains of St John
                    • 10 Daniel Bisson (1744- ) (St J) m (1763, St J) Marie de la Rocque [261]
                  • 9 Marie Bisson (1725-1728)
                • 8 Catherine Bisson (1674- )
            • 6 Elizabeth Bisson (1602?- ) “fille Thomas” m (1622, Tr) Jean Deslandes
            • 6 Sarah Bisson (1603?- ) “fille feu Thomas” m (1621, Tr) Philippe Le Maistre
        • 4 Nicolas Bisson (1550?- ) “fils Hélier” m (c.1585) Susanne de Carteret daughter and heir of Matthieu, of St Laurence [262]
        • 4 Daughter Bisson m Geoffrey Esnouf [263]
        • 4 Daughter Bisson m Geoffrey Le Sueur [264]
      • 3 Marie Bisson (1528?- ) m Jean Le Boutillier le viel [265]
      • 3 Daughter Bisson (1531?- ) m Michel Sarre [266]
      • 3 Renée Bisson (1534?- ) m Servais Le Sueur [267]
      • 3 Nicolas Bisson (1540?-1619) Constable of St Brelade, 1601-1615 m (1566, St B) Catherine Bisson eldest daughter and principal heir of Guillaume, of La Moie, Constable of St Brelade [268]
        • 4 Françoise Bisson (1567- ) m (1590, St B) Michel de Lecq
        • 4 Guillaume Bisson (1569- ) probably died by 1574 [269]
        • 4 Jean Bisson (1572- ) [270]
        • 4 Guillaume Bisson (1574- ) [271]
        • 4 Thomasse Bisson (1577?- ) m (1599, St B) Jean Pipon son of Nicolas
        • 4 Philippe Bisson (1579- ) [272] m (by 1611) Susanne de Soulemont daughter of Nicolas, Jurat
        • 4 Jeanne Bisson (1583- ) [273]
        • 4 Elizabeth Bisson (1585- ) [274]
    • 2 Perrin Bisson (1505?- ) [275]

Notes and references

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  6. Le plus jeune; and posthumously as le viel in 1572. CH 1544: John Bisson, aesne a exhibiter droits; 1544: Parchonniers de John Bisson: Collyn Bisson et Philippe Bisson [below]; 1546: John Bisson fils John de montrer droits [regarding] Le Clos d`Amelot sold by Louis Jean to Perrin Bisson”
  7. Widow in 1550
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  9. C.H. (1575)
  10. In 1611, Jean Bisson fils Philippe bought a piece of land called La Pièce des Houguettes on the Fief of Diélament from Jean Le Breton, fils Raulin, for 7 cabots of annual wheat rente [L/C/227/A3/4 at the Jersey Archive]. The other Jean Bisson fils Philippe, of Augrès, in the western part of Trinity, had died by 1604
  11. RP 11/92
  12. RP 10/81 (1636): “Jean Bisson, fils Philippe, of one part and Philippe, his son, of the other, have sworn... that on the 25/04/1615, Jean Bisson was guardian of his said son, before the time he received 88 crowns, which had been given to the said Philippe by the testamentary gift of Philippe Bisson, fils Philippe, his uncle...” Philippe Bisson, described alike as "fils Jean" and as "fils Jean, fils Philippe" is mentioned on four occasions in the Extente of 1668. He owed the Priory of St Clement [the Crown] poulage (1 goose, 2 hens, 12 chicks and 20 eggs) annually; then on behalf of "Pipet" annually to the same Priory, 3 cabots of barley; to the Crown 24 sous old rentes, rentes censives, and he finally features among those from Trinity owing the Crown 4 cabots of annual wheat rente to be collected in St Martin. The second of these entries is interesting, as Philippe`s great-great-grandmother was Guillemette Le Pipet. This was a St Clement surname, although also present in a few other parishes, but is now long extinct. There is reason to believe that Philippe`s grandfather, Philippe Bisson (1543-1626), after whom he will have been named, was living in St Clement in 1569. Land inherited there from the Le Pipets will, in all likelihood, have borne the first two charges, in favour of the Priory. It would also account for the grandfather`s presence in St Clement. That the `poulage` and barley due from Philippe Bisson were to be collected in Trinity confirms that this branch had maintained their Trinity place of abode
  13. Edouard Bisson is named in the Extente of 1749, although long dead, as "son of Ph, son of Jn" with regard to the various charges mentioned above. The 3 cabots of barley due to the Priory of St Clement were then payable annually by Edouard`s successor, "Ph. Cabot, son of Jn., son of Tho.", as were the 4 cabots of wheat rente and the sum of 24 sous quit-rent. Of the `poulage` and eggs, there is no record. In passing, the poulage and rentes censives were paid in the 1607 Extente by Philippe Bisson, grandfather of the Philippe living in 1668, whilst the 4 cabots of wheat rente were chargeable to Gregory Le Ber [written Le Bel] and the 3 cabots of barley to the "heires of Pippet"
  14. Buried as "Pierre fils Philippe fils Philippe," unmarried
  15. Le jeune; Clergyman? Perhaps the man of this name who was Perpetual Vicar of Turnworth, Dorset, 1573-1600. If so, he married and had two sons who attended Oxford University
  16. Cases before the CH in 1568 and 1570 show Denys' procureur, Hélier Bisson, acting to secure Denys' share of the inheritance of his parents, John Bisson and Thomasse, his wife
  17. Cases before the CH in 1581 and 1586 indicate that Susanne had a right to a share in the inheritance of Marie, wife of Martin Giffard
  18. Of Croiserie, Trinity
  19. Registre Public 1/225, hereafter abbreviated to "RP", names Jean as the eldest son in his generation
  20. Veuve Corbel (no issue) Elizabeth Le Cornu, widowed in 1624, married thirdly Jean Gruchy
  21. RP 11/262 (1638): "Jean Bisson, fils Jean, ledit Jean fils Denys...Elizabeth Le Cornu, veuve dudit Jean Bisson, père dudit Jean Bisson
  22. Fille Jean, fils Denys
  23. RP 1/225 (1604): Jacques Giffard having acquired from the estate of Philippe Bisson, fils Denys, one quartier of annual wheat, this was reclaimed by Jean Bisson, fils ainé of Denys
  24. Living 1640, RP 12/104 (1640): Thomas Bisson, eldest son of Philippe Bisson and Marie Gallichan, his wife, sells to Jean Bisson 2e frère
  25. Jean fils Philippe Bisson married Philippine de Quetteville, widow
  26. Living 1668. RP 20/138 (1668): "Nicolas Bisson, elder son of Jean Bisson, who was elder son of the late Philippe Bisson and of Marie Gallichan his wife; also senior collateral heir of Nicolas Bisson, his uncle, and therefore entitled to the first and second parts of the [grandparental] inheritance; together with Elizabeth Bisson, wife of Pierre Le Preveu, entitled to the third part of the same. This Nicolas may have been the second Nicolas Bisson, in his generation, recorded as marrying. If so, then he will have married in Trinity in March 1663 to Elizabeth Guillaume. The marriage appears to have been childless. His may also have been the burial recorded: "Nicolas Bisson" in 1672, Trinity Thomas Bisson, not his brother Jean, was in 1640 (RP 12/104) described as the elder son. This latter description, "elder son" would, and did, apply to the previously younger brother, on the death without issue of the former "elder son"
  27. CH 6/94 (1591): Hélier Luce, in right of his wife, daughter of Thomas Le Feuvre and of Collette, his wife, daughter of Jean Bisson, against Philippe Bisson, eldest son of the said Jean
  28. Living 1544. See below
  29. living in 1544. Cour de Câtel (1544): Parchonniers de Jean Bisson (1520-1550), Collyn Bisson et Philippe Bisson; C Câtel (1573): Philippe Bisson, fils Jean, fils Jean et de Catherine, sa femme, fille de Philippot Gallichan
  30. CH 1547: Jean Bisson, fils Jean, is ordered to convey the inheritance of John Le Breton and Catherine, his wife, to Regnaulde [Bisson], widow of Jacques Giffard. The reason behind this transaction is not clear but it is more likely to have arisen from debt than inheritance. Unresolved issues relating to the partage of the estate of the late Jean Bisson (1475-1534) may have also been a factor. Before the CH 1563, Guillaume Le Breton was recognised as being a blood relative by Jean's grandson and legal representative, Philippe Bisson (1543- ), and sued for his share of the inheritance of Jean Bisson (1475-1534). It is more than likely that his parents were the above John Le Breton and Catherine, his wife who, as Guillaume was evidently a Bisson blood relative, will have been Catherine Bisson (qv)
  31. Priest. He bought in July 1524 from Nicolas Herivel and Jeanette Lemprière his wife, the site of the former Manoir de Dylament, in the north of rural St Helier: ABSJ 6, 307-8. Sire Hélier Bisson was described, posthumously, as Hélier Bisson, Clerc, fils Perrin before the Cour d`Héritage in 1586, in a dispute involving a purchase of his. In 1569, Philippe Bisson [fils Jean, fils Jean, fils Jean] was described as his principal heir. Previously, in 1556, his heirs were involved in an agreement regarding Sire Hélier`s acquisitions, see below
  32. Collyn Bisson, l'un des principaux gents de bien de la Trinité (Actes des Etats, 1542) Collas Bisson appearing before the CH 1524 with his brother John, and in 1536 acting as procureur of John Chevalier, whose wife was the daughter of Perrin Bisson. He died in or before 1544, when “Philippe Bisson fils Collin”, who will have been the eldest son, was ordered by the CH to arrange for a guardian for his under-age siblings
  33. James Gruchy, the second surviving son of Rauff Gruchy of Augres, appeared before the Crown Commissioners in 1515 as “James de Gruchy”. As will be seen from the notes and articles of the late Jersey genealogist, the Reverend J A Messervy, James frequently used this form of the surname, no doubt correctly, as the abbreviated form, 'Gruchy' was of recent adoption
  34. Philippe Bisson, fils Collin, in May 1548, was ordered by the CH to complete the partage of his late father's estate for his younger siblings, including his brother Yvon Bisson. He was involved in 1556 in an unusual legal agreement, the outcome of which was recorded in an early deed. This has survived among the La Haule Contracts, which were formerly at La Société Jersiaise and are now at the Jersey Archive. Involving purchased assets of his late uncle, Sire Helier Bisson, the parties were Pierre Bisson the youngest... and Philippe Bisson, brother of [presumably Pierre] Bisson snr, children of Perrin Bisson, of the one part; and Philippe Bisson...Helyer Bisson, Yvon Bisson, John Bisson and Perrin Bisson, "all five being brothers, the sons of Colin Bisson" of the other part. The order in which the sons are named gives their chronological sequence. Both contending parties claimed Sire Helier`s acquisitions, in this case of 11 cabots of annual wheat rente. It was reiterated that Sire Helier Bisson was brother of Colin, Pierre and Philippe and that the last two having survived the cleric, the succession should belong to them. For their part, the sons of Collyn (sic) Bisson claimed that as their father had predeceased Sire Helier, they themselves should be the latter's heirs. In a most unusual turn of events, it was decided that Philippe and Pierre "having more regard and affection for them [the sons of Collyn] than the law" the 11 cabots should be resigned to the five brothers to be divided equally between them [Document 232]. Philippe fils Collyn`s death in or by 1571 is evident in a case before the CH that year whereby his uncle, the above Philippe Bisson, confirmed that Hélier Bisson was guardian of Philippe fils Collin`s under-age children and that Pierre Le Breton, in right of his wife, was demanding a share
  35. CH 1573: Hélier Bisson, guardian of the children of Collas Bisson, involved with Pierre Le Breton in right of his wife, sister of Collas and daughter of the late Philippe, regarding the latter`s inheritance. Hélier, the 1st cousin of Collas` father, is known to have died between 1573 and 1586, after which Ricard Hamon, (a maternal relative?) became guardian of the children. CH 1585: Richard Hamon, guardian of the children of “Collas Bisson, fils Philippe, fils Nicolas et de Thomyne, sa femme,” recognised Raulin Le Breton, in right of his wife, as being in the line of succession of Thomyne. The latter was presumably then near death, as in 1586 Le Breton and his wife received their share des héritages de Thomyne, fille de James de Grochy, aultrefois femme de Collin Bisson le viel
  36. CH 1589: “Hélier Bisson, fils ainé de Nicolas Bisson, fils Philippe, fils Nicolas le viel, et de Thomyne, sa femme, shares [further] the inheritance with Raulin Le Breton, in right of his wife, daughter of the said Nicolas and his wife.” Note: The term “fils ainé”, although usually indicating the presence of other, junior children, has also another application. It can signify, as well, the senior member of a family in any given generation; the “ainé”
  37. Perhaps named Isabel : CH 6/8 1590
  38. Before the CH (1572) Pierre Le Breton in right of his wife, received a share in the inheritance of her parents, “Philippe Bisson et Thomasse, sa femme”
  39. Officier des Chemins, Augrès, 1590; died by 1604. Jean's placement is based upon his being, unlike many of the other Trinity Bissons, from the Vingtaine des Augrès, as were in the preceeding two generation, Nicolas Bisson snr and jnr (above), also those of La Garenne, the latter being descended from the Constable, Philippe Bisson (1500-1581). The names of his two sons, Nicolas and Philippe, also serve as pointers. Jean's name appears in court rolls in the next generation, linked only to his and his wife`s immediate inheritance
  40. Fils Jean, Officier des Chemins, Augrès, 1594. His father may, therefore, have already died by 1594. Nicolas bought in 1604 part of the inheritance of his younger brother, Philippe (RP 1/181) and is described in 1606 as Nicolas Bisson, fils ainé de Jean Bisson et de Caroline, sa femme (RP 2/130)
  41. RP 2/56 : Philippe Bisson fils Jean et de Caroline sa femme, fille de Michel Corbel
  42. Marie de Soulemont was mistakenly given the Christian name “Jeanne” by Messervy, ABSJ 4, 123; see RP 2/88 (1606): Philippe Bisson, fils Jean, et Marie sa femme, fille de Guillaume de Soulemont
  43. ABSJ4, 123
  44. His first cousin
  45. RP 12/213 (1643): Marguerite Bisson “daughter of Philippe Bisson et de Marie de Soulemont, sa femme, ladite Marguerite femme d`Abraham Chevalier; et Jeanne Bisson, fille dudit Bisson et de sa femme, Jeanne femme de Jean Briard” sell to Jean Bisson [their elder brother]
  46. Trinity Church Register
  47. RP 2/130 (1605) listing her siblings and their spouses, where relevant
  48. Included in under-age children living in 1571. Probably named after Philippe Bisson`s uncle by marriage, Barthélemy Ahier (1500-1569). In 1577, Barthélemy Bisson was acting on behalf of the above Guillaume Le Breton before the CH
  49. RP 2/83 (1606) “Jean Bisson, fils Barthélemy,” agrees to settle their father`s estate with his younger brother, Philippe, and sister. The house of Jean Bisson, fils Barthélemy is mentioned in 1676, RP 21/136, when Benjamin Bisson, fils Jean, fils Josué, sold two Quartiers of wheat rente due from Olivier Gruchy fils Philippe [of Augrès, Trinity] describing Gruchy as occupying the house of Jean Bisson fils Barthélemy. This may have been intended to read “Jean Bisson, fils Jean, fils Barthélemy”
  50. “Jean Bisson, fils Jean, fils Barthélemy”, living 1625. Godfather of his nephew, Thomas Blampied, in 1625 (Trinity Register)
  51. “Daughter of the late Jean Bisson,” (Trinity Register marriage entry, 1621)
  52. Le jeune; died before 1574
  53. Jurat
  54. Cases relating to Guillemette and her siblings were heard before the CH in 1566, 1572, 1574 (which show her then to have been a widow) and 1582. Her elder brother was Richard Hamon and sisters included Elizabeth, wife of Rogier Le Breton and Mabel, wife of Hélier Dorey
  55. RP 2/203 (1607): “Hélier Bisson, fils Nicolas et de Guillemette, sa femme, fille de Jean Hamon, d`une partie et Marguerite, fille dudit Nicolas...” Hélier Bisson, of Augrès, was one of the communicants of Trinity in 1613
  56. His second cousin
  57. RP 9/92 (1639): “Anne Le Gallais, femme de Philippe Bisson, fils Hélier, [fille] de feu Matthieu Le Gallais , fils ainé d`Edmond Le Gallais senior et de Collette Le Geyt, sa femme”:- see Armorial of Jersey (1864), 212. Philippe Bisson was one of the communicants of Trinity, 1613
  58. “Fille Philippe, fils Hélier”
  59. Approved as being of age (20 years old), 1637: RP 11/248; as being “fils ainé”: RP 14/91. RP 12/31: “Nicolas Bisson fils ainé de Philippe Bisson, fils Hélier”
  60. Elizabeth Coutanche was buried on 15 November 1669 as "femme Nicolas Bisson". He only survived her by five weeks, being buried on 23 December
  61. Godparents: Jean Coutanche and Anne Le Gallais. RP 19/164 (1669): “Hélier Bisson, fils ainé et principal héritier”
  62. RP 19/164 (1669): Nicolas Bisson, son of the late Nicolas Bisson and of the defunct Elizabeth Coutanche, his wife, sells to Hélier Bisson, his elder brother. Settled in St Laurence
  63. RP 29/39 (1711): Nicolas Bisson fils Nicolas having right to the house and land of Guillaume Le Cornu, his uncle-by-marriage, acquired from Philippe Le Boutillier, to whom he had originally sold it, sells this and its land to Daniel Corbel and Jeanne Remon, his wife, jointly, for a price of 10 quartiers of annual wheat rente. Nicolas Bisson`s wife, Marguerite Le Boutillier, is named within the deed. His will was dated 1725 and proved in 1726 and mentions a nephew, Philippe Hamon, and his sister, Sara Bisson, shown as wife of Philippe Le Geyt. His wife must have predeceased him, as she is not mentioned and nor were any children: D/Y/A/5/128 at Jersey Archive
  64. Thomas' burial entry describes him as "fils feu Nicolas". His father, unlike Nicolas Bisson, fils Gilles, had died in the previous year, 1669
  65. Will of Nicolas Bisson (1726), her brother, D/Y/A/5/128, at Jersey Archive
  66. Edouard and Hélier Bisson approved as being of age: RP 11/441 (1639)
  67. RP 14/91 (1649): “Marie Bisson fille de feu Philippe Bisson, fils Hélier et de Jeanne Bisson, sa femme, [et] femme de Guille Le Cornu”, sells to her elder brother Nicolas, all that she might be entitled to from the said Jeanne Bisson, her grandmother
  68. Their daughter Marguerite Le Breton was described as being “fille ainée [de] Pierre Le Breton et de Collette Bisson, sa femme, fille Philippe Bisson, fils Hélier”: RP 28/13 (1705)
  69. Died by 1693. Brother of Pierre Le Breton: RP 26/149(1697): “Pierre Le Breton fils Etienne, héritier a la succession collateralle de Benjamin Le Breton, fils Etienne,...Jeanne Bisson, veuve dudit Benjamin ”. No issue
  70. RP 8/282 (1629): “Jeanne Bisson, fille puinée d`Hélier Bisson...femme [de] Jean Poingdestre” sells to” Philippe Bisson, son ainé frère”
  71. RP 2/203 (1607): Partage of Nicolas Bisson and his wife between their children Hélier and Marguerite. To the latter, Le Clos de Sire Pierre Corbel. Other fields mentioned included the Clos de la Fontaine and Le Clos de Dampierre
  72. ”Portion ..octroyé à Raulin Le Breton a cause de sa femme, sur les héritages de Thomyne, fille de James de Grochy, aultrefoys femme de Collin Bisson le viel: CH 1586 and ABSJ 6, 36
  73. CH (May 1548) : “Philippe Bisson fils Collin.. vers Yvon Bisson et parchonniers a aporter l`entier des héritages qui furent audit Collin..” Living 1556
  74. RP 11/14 : Jean Benest fils ainé de Thomas Benest et de Collette Bisson, fille Yvon
  75. CH (1573) “Nicolas de la Rocque en deffaute vers Perrin Bisson, meneur des enfants de Pierre Bisson a aporter droicts sur le Clos de la Fontaine Emer..” formerly held by Pierre Bisson, fils Perrin, in right of his wife
  76. Typhaine, first wife of Pierre le viel had died by, and in fact long before, 1538, when he was appearing before the CH with regard to the inheritance of his second wife, Marie Gallichan. Pierre died in 1555, when Marie Gallichan, was described as his widow: Cour de Samedi
  77. CH (1579): “Hélier Bisson fils ainé de Pierre Bisson, en deffaute vers Collas Bisson et ses parchonniers” regarding the property of Pierre Bisson and Typhaine, his wife. Hélier and Collas were therefore born of Typhaine, Pierre`s first wife
  78. CH (1563) Trinity: “Richard Bisson, Bernabey de Gruchy, a cause de sa femme, et meneur de l`enfant sous-agé de Pierre Bisson le plus viel en deffaute vers Philippe Bisson, meneur des enfants de Pierre Bisson le plus jeune”. This court entry shows that both of the surviving adult Pierres, these being le jeune and le plus jeune, were then deceased (1563). This particular guardian of the children, Philippe Bisson, became Constable of Trinity in 1571. Thereafter, his brother Perrin features as their guardian. An appearance before the C.H. (1563) of a "Pierre Bisson, fils Pierre," claiming, in right of his mother, her principal part of the inheritance of Philippot Gallichan, her grandfather, may have been that of Pierre le plus jeune, who was also "Pierre fils Pierre", claiming on behalf of his late father`s mother, as the widow of Pierre le jeune had already remarried in that year
  79. An appearance before the CH (1563), shows that Guillaume Grandin had by then married the widow of Pierre Bisson fils Pierre
  80. One of the parties to an agreement regarding the purchased acquisitions of his uncle, Sire Hélier Bisson, on 26 May 1556 [La Haule Contracts at the Jersey Archive, Document 232]
  81. C Câtel (1571)
  82. Perronelle was the widow of Richard in 1586: Cour de Samedi
  83. CH 1571: “Bernabey de Gruchy causa uxoris en deffaulte vers Perrin Bisson, meneur des enfants de Pierre Bisson [le plus jeune]; Hélier Bisson fils Pierre; Collas Bisson fils Pierre; et Jean Maret causa uxoris.”
  84. C Catel (1571): “Richard Bisson de la Trinité et Richard Alexandre causa uxoris en deffaute vers Perrin Bisson, meneur des enfants de Pierre Bisson” [le plus jeune]. RP 4/100 names the “uxoris” as Perronelle
  85. Both Marie and Beneste Bisson featured in a case before the CH (below) in 1586, without either having a husband named. One or other, or both, could, however, have been widows, perhaps one of the “Daughters Bisson” mentioned above, in widowhood. The case, in which they are named with their brother, Jean Bisson, fils Pierre, sees Marie described as: “fille dudit Pierre [and] Beneste, fille puinée dudit Pierre”
  86. In 1563, Bernabey de Gruchy was guardian of the only under-age child of Pierre Bisson, le viel, described then (C.H. above) as “l`enfant sous-agé de Pierre Bisson le plus viel”. Who this child was is deduced from the following: CH (1577): “Richard Bisson et Bernabey de Gruchy causa uxoris et Jehan [Jean] Bisson a cause de rapel de son sous-age..” Also, C.H. (1577), a little afterwards, “Bernabey de Gruchy naguerres meneur de Jean Bisson”. Jean seems likely to have entered into his majority up to three or four years before the actual “rapel de son sous-age” in 1577. Apart from Jean`s uncle Perrin, in 1573, the family does not seem, however, to have needed to attend court between 1573 and 1577, when the matter was dealt with
  87. 1534: John Chevalier, in right of his wife, requests John Bisson [as eldest son] to divide the inheritance. John Chevalier had a brother, Raulin, who was part-owner of a barque trading overseas, where he died. Raulin`s grandson, Jean, was the author of Journal de Jean Chevalier, Jersey`s chronicle of the Civil War
  88. CH (1542): Inheritance dispute between John Bisson, supported by Collin Bisson and others and Philippe Bisson, John Chevalier and Ambroise Le Breton, supported by Richard Dumaresq and John Nicolle
  89. C.H. (1565) Barthelemy Ahier et Regnaulde, sa femme, fille de Perrin Bisson et soeur de Philippe Bisson”. Also, CH (1544): “Barthélemy Ahier et John Gallichan en deffaulte, a cause de leurs femmes, a conseiller John Bisson” (`l`ainé` of their generation)
  90. C.H. (1544) Robin Le Gros, purchaser of Bisson property, was challenged in court by “Philippe Bisson, fils Perrin”. In 1545, before the C.H. the latter is also so described, with regard to his father. Although all the Trinity Bissons owned land and property prior to 1700, the source of the comparative prosperity of Philippe, a younger son, and his descendants in the next two centuries, is unclear. He may have been a merchant. In fact, a case heard before the Ecclesiastical Court in July 1577, involving his son, Perrin, and two others may serve to strengthen the case for both he and his son being so occupied. Perrin Bisson, Collas Baudains and Jean Gruchy were accused of “contravening the Glory of God and the Injunctions of Her Majesty" [Queen Elizabeth] in attending Mass when in France, at St Malo. The latter port was that used by Jersey merchants for trade with France, especially the wool trade. Jersey wool was excellent but before garments were knitted, like all wool, it needed washing, fulling and combing. The French fulling process was deemed superior to that of most European countries. Therefore, wool was taken for this purpose to France, then returned to Jersey, knitted into garments and then transported by sea again, this time to Southampton or London for marketing. The three accused would only have been likely, at that epoch, to have been in St Malo on business. Attending Mass may have been considered a courtesy to their hosts [ABSJ 4, 306]
  91. C.H. (1554). Note: All dates of births, marriages and deaths at this period, if prior to surviving church registers or lacking a specific court record such as an “enagement”, are estimated and therefore approximate. Thus Philippe Bisson may, in fact, have been born a year or two before the date suggested above
  92. CH (1581): “Trinité; Perrin Bisson, fils ainé de Philippe Bisson et de Jeanette, sa femme en deffaulte vers Jehan Le Boutillier a cause de sa femme... et vers Michel Sarre a cause de sa femme, fille dudit Philippe et de sadite femme”. The case establishes, among other things, as does that below, that the late Philippe Bisson`s family were born to his second wife. A case in the same year involving Perrin`s son, Michel, before the CH (1581) gives the parentage of three generations: “Michel Bisson, fils ainé de Perrin, ledit Perrin fils ainé de Philippe et de Jeanette, sa femme..[the other parties being] “Jehan Le Boutillier et Michel Sarre a cause de leurs femmes et Renée, delessie de Serves Le Sueur “. This case, on the recent death of their father, Philippe, involved the division of his inheritance
  93. Michel Bisson`s premature death whilst centenier probably cost the parish their next constable. It is notable that many of the Trinity Bissons died prematurely. As in the previous generation, a partage helps in listing Michel`s siblings (RP 4/30; 1612): “Philippe Bisson, fils ainé de Michel, ledit Michel fils ainé de Perrin et de Marie, sa femme, fille de Léonard Romeril; ensembles Jean Bisson, Edouard Bisson, Hélier Bisson a cause de Jeanne, sa femme et Olivier Gruchy a cause de Katherine, sa femme; lesdits Jean, Edouard, Jeanne et Katherine, tous enfants [de] Perrin Bisson”. Surprisingly, as he would have been of age, a further sibling, Léonard Bisson “fils Perrin” (RP 1617) was not included among those present in 1612, provision being arranged for his heir at a later date (1636). Léonard was, however, involved in the `enagement` of his nephew Philippe Bisson. References to Michel Bisson, who was probably named after his uncle-by-marriage, Michel Sarre, can be found in R.P.2/134 and Actes des Etats 1, 27
  94. Isabel (or Elizabeth) Messervy m secondly as a widow, (1608) Jean Le Breton. They were the parents of Pierre Le Breton, Advocate
  95. R.P.2/131: “Accepté en age, 14/03/1606”, by Edouard Messervy, Nicolas, Jean and Léonard Bisson, the last two being his paternal uncles, and Messervy being a maternal uncle and Jurat. Philippe was one of the communicants of Trinity in 1613: “Augrès” [La Garenne]
  96. Hélier Hamptonne was Constable of St Laurence, 1586-7
  97. R.P.13/294 (1648): His younger brother, Philippe Bisson, sold Daniel part of their inheritance: “Philippe Bisson, fils de feu Philippe Bisson, fils Michel, et de Marie Hamptonne, bailla à Daniel Bisson, son ainé frère... “. The previous year, Laurens Hamptonne, the Vicomte (Sheriff), their 1st cousin-once-removed and elder, was guardian of the minor children of the late Philippe Bisson, by the election of Daniel Gruchy (Rector of St Peter, their late father`s 1st cousin), Abraham Gibault fils Nicolas (the children`s maternal uncle), Daniel and Michel Bisson (their elder siblings), Amice Bisson (Advocate, their late father`s 1st cousin) and Pierre Le Breton, fils Jean (Advocate, their half-uncle). Such detail helps place and verify relationships and dates
  98. Buried as "femme Me Daniel Bisson" showing that her husband was still alive in that year
  99. R.P.13/272 (1648): “Susanne Le Breton, femme Daniel Bisson et fille Jean Le Breton” [also ABSJ 6, 39]
  100. Buried within Trinity Church
  101. A missing baptism, near to the start of the earliest surviving Trinity church registers; furthermore Daniel, having died prematurely, does not feature in the Land Registry (R.P.) but the Christian name Daniel is unambiguous in this generation and was confined to this particular branch of Bissons
  102. She married secondly, in 1679, Josué Messervy of Trinity
  103. Daniel Bisson was of age in October 1696, whilst in July of that year he still had a tuteur, his maternal relative, Thomas Cabot: R.P.26/133. He was buried as: ”Me Daniel Bisson senr.”
  104. Named after Philippe Lemprière, his godfather and maternal relative, he was himself godfather in 1744, with his sister Elizabeth, of their nephew, Charles Gruchy. As his niece, Marie Bisson, daughter of his brother Daniel, inherited the family property, La Garenne, and was the principal heir of her uncle, Charles Bisson, Philippe will have previously died without heirs
  105. Source: Messervy`s Gruchy genealogy. Me Michel Poingdestre and Marie Bisson, his wife, had issue a son, Michel Poingdestre (1728), whose godparents were Me Daniel Bisson and Dlle Elizabeth Lempriere, his wife, Grandfather and Grandmother of the child
  106. Buried as “Marie Langlois, femme Me Daniel Bisson”
  107. “Daniel Bisson, fils Me Daniel Bisson junr.” buried in Trinity
  108. Only daughter of the late Daniel Bisson and principal heiress of her uncle, Charles Bisson [L/C/110/A/25 (1782) at the Jersey Archive]. The property in the Vingtaine des Augrès (La Garenne) and that of Croiserie, Trinity, (La Maison de La Croisée, now simply called "Croiserie") is thus described in 1771, following the death of Marie`s grandfather, Daniel Bisson (1676-1769), when it was surveyed by virtue of an Act of the C.H.: “La Chefve Maison dudit deffunt, offices, tours d`échelles, belle, haye, hogard; Le Jardin aux Herbes; Le Jardin du Hogard; Le Jardin du Douet; Le Clos de l`Ecluse; Le Côtil; Le Clos de Price; La Garande; Le Clos de Chevallier (sic); Le Clos de Jennine; Le Jardin à Poirez; Le Jardin du Mares; Le Clos du Millieu; Le Clos de Guillemine; Le Clos de Briard; Le Taillis; La Gommare; Le Clos du Cornu; Le Champ du Ouest du Clos de Handois; Le Clos de Girard; Le Jardin de Derrière; Le Clos de Haut; Le Jardin de Jean; Le Jardin à Pottage, totalling 59 vergees 26 perches and 10 pieds
  109. Lieutenant in the Militia. Charles Romeril, in right of his wife, sold in 1783 most of this property, including all the Croiserie fields and La Maison de la Croisée (which had probably given its name to the Vingtaine de la Croiserie [Stevens, Arthur and Stevens, Jersey Place Names 1, 176], and was afterwards called, more simply, “La Croiserie”) to Hugh du Pont. He sold it on the 8/11/1783 (R.P.65/169) to Me Jean Gaillard, for 12 Quartiers 4 cabots of annual wheat rente. The property was until the late 20th century in the ownership of Mr Lincoln de Gruchy, a descendant of Jean Gaillard
  110. Their son, Daniel Chevalier (1763- ), had as godparents "Me Daniel Bisson et Mse Marie Bisson, sa femme". As Daniel was a widower and there has been found no second marriage relating to him, this was probably a clerical error for "fille"
  111. ”Pasteur de la paroisse de St Jean” during the long illness of the rector, Mr Daniel Brevint. Messervy writes [ABSJ 8, 10-11]: “M. Michel Bisson exerca assez longtemps le ministère à St Jean.. [Il] ne semble d`avoir été Recteur en titre à Jersey. [Il] était le 2e fils de Philippe Bisson (fils Michel), de la Trinité, et de Marie Hamptonne. En 1648, il bailla sa partie d`héritage à Daniel Bisson, son frère ainé, pour 8 quartiers de froment de rente et une maison située à St Hélier”. He cites R.P. Volume 13. He left the Island to become Vicar of Graveney, Kent , 1660-3-
  112. R.P.10/313 (1636): Thomas Cabot, having bought 1 quartier of wheat rente from this Jean Bisson, described as “fils Philippe”, Jean`s father, Philippe Bisson fils Michel, exercised his right of `retraite`--reclaiming family assets, for the original sale price
  113. Philippe Bisson was Ensign of the Trinity company of Militia in 1645, when he was attacked, beaten and had his jaw broken during the armed conflict and civic disturbances prior to the royalist conquest of the Island in 1644: see Journal de Jean Chevalier, 228, in which Messervy confuses him with his father, also named Philippe, an elderly man. He sold his share of inheritance to his elder brother, Daniel Bisson: R.P.14/8 (1648): “Philippe Bisson, son of Philippe and of Marie Hamptonne, his wife, sells to Daniel Bisson, his eldest brother...”
  114. R.P.16/166 (1659) Maximilien Bisson constituted Pierre Le Breton, fils Jean, his procureur.."Maximilien, son of Philippe Bisson and Marie Hamptonne, his wife”, this being a sale of inheritance to Daniel, his elder brother
  115. R.P.22/109 (1679): "In the Chamber of the Guildhall of the said City [London] came Maximilian Bisson, now residing in this City, eldest son and principal heir of Maximilian Bisson, native of the Island of Jersey, but in his lifetime of the Towne of Plymouth, in the County of Devon, Merchant, deceased, which said Maximilian was one of the sons of ….. Bisson of the parish of Trinity in the said Island, also deceased, does declare that in consideration of £110.00 English money paid by Daniel Janvrin of the parish of St Brelade, in the Island of Jersey, Mariner, [he] does sell 8 Quartiers of annual wheat rent. Rebecca Bisson, wife of the said Maximilian...does relinquish her dowry." The value of 8 quartiers of annual wheat rentes, inherited by younger sons such as Maximilian and the above Michel Bisson, suggests a comparatively affluent family
  116. Parents of Josué Gruchy, Constable of Trinity, 1697-1712
  117. R.P.22/122: “Catherine Bisson, fille feu Philippe Bisson et de Marie, fille de Nicolas Gibault, sa femme"
  118. RP 20/303 (1673): “Mtsse Catherine Bisson, fille Philippe,..vendit..obligation de feu Mr Jean Bisson, fils Josué, avec ladite Catherine, sa femme”
  119. R.P.12/13 (1640): “Marie Bisson, fille Michel, et femme de Jean Fondan”
  120. R.P.15/394: “Pierre Le Breton, Jeanne Bisson sa soeur [half-sister], femme de Jean Le Couteur, et fille de Michel Bisson et d`Elizabeth Messervy, sa femme
  121. R.P.12/210 (1643): “Pierre Le Breton fils Jean, frère inferieur [half-brother] de Jean Bisson, fils Michel, decédé, se disait héritier en partie à la succession collatéralle dudit Jean Bisson [et]...Philippe Bisson, fils ainé”
  122. R.P.7/262 (1625), whereby Regnault Alexandre and his wife establish as procureur, Elie Bisson fils Michel
  123. R.P.15/541 (1657): “Edouard Bisson, fils ainé et principal héritier de feu Edouard Bisson fils Michel, et d`Elizabeth Messervy, sa femme” sells to Daniel Bisson, eldest son of Philippe, eldest son of Michel and his wife.... A further transaction of Edouard Bisson, fils Edouard, fils Michel, was on the 30th August 1662, whereby he and a younger brother named Philippe Bisson sold to the same Daniel Bisson all that they inherited from their deceased uncle, Jean Bisson: L/C/67/G2/4, at the Jersey Archive
  124. Godparents: his father`s 2nd cousin, the lawyer Jean Bisson fils Josué and Elizabeth Bisson. His brother`s godparents were Blampieds, perhaps members of their mother`s family
  125. Regent of St Anastase, 1592; Rector of St Clement, 1595-1614, Minister of Sark, 1605-1608 and Chaplain of Mont Orgueil, -1610-1614. He and his wife were the parents of the Reverend Daniel Gruchy (1597-1677), M.A., Rector of St Peter, 1627-1651 and of St Mary, 1660-1677: ABSJ, VII, 267-8 and 141
  126. Advocate; Receiver-General, 1623-1630. He also served as Centenier of Trinity from 1606, as a result of the premature death in that year of his brother Michel, the previous centenier. ”Jean Bisson, fils Perrin,” (brother of the late Michel Bisson, Edouard Bisson, Hélier Bisson in right of Jeanne his wife, Olivier Gruchy in right of Katherine his wife : RP 4/30 (1612)), was admitted Advocate, taking the oath on 10 March 1606. The first of his surname known to have become an advocate, he doubtless followed in the footsteps of his maternal uncle, Advocate Jean Romeril. The number of advocates was limited to six until a law that became effective in 1860 removed the restriction. Aspiring advocates worked for others as law clerks (sometimes called scriveners), until a vacancy eventually occurred, when they might also be admitted to the Bar. Jean Bisson was an Advocate, 1605-1646. Messervy tells us he had in 1625 a house built, for his use when in Town, between the presbytery and the cemetery of St Helier [RP 10/174]. He was already described as “le plus ancien Avocat” in 1625. He was also Registrar of Contracts, 1604-1646 and Receiver-General, 1623-1630. In his parish, he was Procureur of Trinity, 1598 and Centenier, (immediately following the death of his brother, Michel Bisson), 1606-1622
  127. Marie Hamon was the sole daughter and heiress of Jourdain, of St John, and of Elizabeth de Carteret, daughter of Richard, Seigneur of Vincheles de Haut
  128. Following Josué`s premature death in his forties, Daniel Gruchy (above) was elected guardian (1645) of his children by the election of Jean Bisson (the deceased`s octogenarian father, above), Amice Bisson and Jean Bisson, fils Jean, (his brothers, the former an advocate), Abraham Le Maistre (his brother-in-law) and Susanne Le Breton, his widow: RP 13/5
  129. Susanne Le Breton married secondly (1643, Tr) Daniel Bisson, fils Philippe, her late husband`s 1st cousin-once-removed
  130. ”Jean Bisson fils Josué” was admitted to practice as an advocate on the 27th September 1666. [He was] “petit-fils de Jean Bisson qui fut Avocat et Enregistreur des Contrats” [CH (1666), Volume 14; ABSJ 9, 150]. It may reasonably be assumed that he had been trained in the office, or under the auspices, of his uncle, Advocate Amice Bisson (see below). In his parish, he was Officier du Connétable, 1659-60 and Procureur, 1666-1668. He was buried, dying as had his father prematurely, in Trinity on the 11th April 1668
  131. R.P.21/136 (1676) “Me Benjamin Bisson fils Jean, fils Josué, et Msse Catherine Bisson, veufve dudit Jean Bisson, tutrice de ses enfants, vendrent..” R.P. 27/124 (1691) in which Benjamin, principal heir of Amice Bisson, [his deceased brother], with co-heirs Jean and Michel, his other surviving brothers, agree that the deceased had sold to Benjamin their brother, part of the inheritance of Jean, their father and Daniel Bisson, their uncle, and Josué Bisson, their brother, the last two having died without heirs. Benjamin Bisson will have been named after Benjamin Bisson of St Laurence, a distant kinsman, who was from 1631 a Jurat and who became one of Jersey`s parliamentary heroes, having been a Parliamentary Commissioner. The Trinity Benjamin was an Officier du Connétable in 1676, but otherwise held no public office
  132. Charles Bisson, who was living when his youngest child, Charles, was born in 1710, must have died between then and 1712, (see note regarding the marriage of his daughter Marie, below). It is perhaps significant that despite their comparative youth, after 1710 there was no further issue of his and Esther`s marriage
  133. Esther Gruchy married secondly in 1712 at St Laurence, Mr Jean Dolbel of St John. She was described as being of Trinity
  134. Esther purchased part of the inheritance of her sister Marie, wife of Josué Deslandes: R.P.34/203
  135. In the Extente of 1749, "Mr Simon Romeril, in right of his wife, daughter of Mr Chas. Bisson, son of Benj., son of Benj., son of Jn." owed 1 Quartier of annual wheat rente to the Crown (due for the fee Esnouf in St John`s Parish". Errors do, at times, occur in these Extentes and this is one, as Charles Bisson was son of Benjamin, son of John. There were not, and could not, have been two Benjamins in his direct lineage
  136. The St John marriage of Josué Deslandes of Trinity and Marie Bisson, describes her as "daughter of the late Charles Bisson of [Trinity]". Her father thus died between the birth of her brother, Charles, in 1710 and this date but in fact, he will have died by 1712. Just as Marie was the only "Marie Bisson fille Charles" of Trinity in 1726, likewise her mother, as "Esther Gruchy of Trinity," was equally unambiguous. "Mse Esther Gruchy of Trinity" married at St Laurence on the 9th July 1712, Mr Jean Dolbel. Esther Gruchy, who had no doubt received her name from her mother, Esther Le Couteur, daughter of the Constable of Trinity, Josué Le Couteur, had further children by Jean Dolbel. Their son Jean (1717, St John) had as godparents Edouard de Carteret Ecr. and Dlle Esther Le Couteur, his wife, who was 1st cousin to Esther Gruchy`s mother. The Le Couteurs had already been godparents twice to Esther Gruchy`s children, to Esther Bisson (1704, Trinity) and Charles Bisson (1710), so there can be lttle doubt as to the identity of the mother. Charles Bisson, whose burial has not been found, may have died out of the Island. R.P.34/203 (1727) casts further light on this family: "Mse Marie Bisson, fille puinée de feu Me Charles Bisson qui était fils ainé de feu Me Benjamin Bisson et de Mse Marie Deslandes, sa femme, ladite Marie authorisée de Me Josué Deslandes, son mari…"
  137. Mse Anne Bisson was one of only two Trinity women of this name, who were of an age to have married in 1732 M Elie Le Maistre at St Martin, on which occasion she was described as being of Trinity. The other Anne, who was ten years older, was the daughter of Thomas Bisson, whose wife was not named. On the basis of the names Charles and Daniel, as well as the shared name Elie among her grandsons, this placement would seem the more likely. Furthermore, Elie Le Maistre`s great-grandfather married second Elizabeth Bisson, who was the great-great-aunt of Anne`s father, Elie Bisson
  138. Benjamin was buried on 3 February 1792 and Susanne on 8 February 1792
  139. Godparents were Mr Jean Esnouf and Dlle Elizabeth Le Boutillier, his maternal relatives
  140. Of Maison du Mont au Pretre, St Helier; sister of Advocate Charles Poingdestre
  141. Godparents: Me Benjamin Bisson et Mse Susanne Esnouf, grand-père et grande-mère
  142. Co-executor of the Will of Advocate Charles Poingdestre (1815)
  143. Marie Bisson`s godparents were Mr Daniel Bisson junr. and Marie Langlois, his wife. The burial in Trinity of a "Marie Bisson" four days before "Me Benjamin Bisson" and nine days before Mse Susanne Esnouf, his widow, suggests that Marie was their daughter. The register has the quaint note by her name "rang oublié"; she was presumably "Mse Marie Bisson"! Her siblings, Magdaleine and Daniel, had Lemprière of Trinity godparents, after whom they were named
  144. The Trinity Register mentions, in Daniel`s christening entry (1755), that his father was then living in St Helier, as did in 1776, Daniel himself. He settled, however, at Le Mottais Farm, St John, where his and his wife`s initials are engraved: "DBS.EM 1785". There are also engraved: "DBS.FDLC 1819", for his son and daughter-in-law (Stevens, Joan, Old Jersey Houses, Volume 2, 212)
  145. Godparents: Gédéon Ahier and Marie, his daughter
  146. R.P. 22/72 (1678): Me Josué Bisson was then reclaiming family property sold by his elder brother, Benjamin. He was thus not the Josué who was buried in Trinity in 1676, who was Josué, fils Jean, fils Léonard
  147. R.P.27/124 (1691), which cites contracts dated the 12/10/1680 and the 04/09/1686: In the former, Me Amice Bisson and his parchonniers, younger siblings of Me Benjamin Bisson, sell to the latter, part of the inheritance of their father, Jean, and of their uncle, Daniel Bisson; also of their brother, Josué; the two last named having died without issue. The deed of 1691 mentions that Me Amice had also, by then, died without issue
  148. Marthe Benest, who was buried as a “widow,” having outlived her husband, was a sister of Marie Benest (1669-1712), who married in 1701 Aaron Bisson. Though Aaron was a comparatively distant cousin of Jean`s, he and Marie were in 1710 godparents of Jean and Marthe`s son Charles, to whom Marie was aunt, in 1710. Marthe`s father and brothers Philippe and Edouard, were also godparents to various of her Bisson children. Note: This Jean Bisson had an exact namesake in Trinity, who also married a Marthe Benest. Of the next generation, their children were born between 1719-1744
  149. Godparents were his father`s eldest brother, Me Benjamin Bisson, and his wife
  150. Buried in St Clement
  151. Twin of the above
  152. 1772 datestone at La Hocquarderie, Trinity
  153. Godparents: Charles Benest and Rachel Bisson (below) who were to marry a few months later
  154. Godparents: Benjamin Hocquard and Elizabeth Bisson, his wife. They married in St Laurence, although both were stated to have been of Trinity, in 1737. These will be the father`s maternal relatives
  155. Godfather: Charles Bisson
  156. Godparents: Edouard Bisson [the father`s uncle] and Rachel, his daughter
  157. Godparents: Jean Bisson and Elizabeth, his sister [the child`s uncle and aunt]
  158. Godparents: Josué Hocquard and Esther, his daughter; the latter being probably she who married within the year, Jean Bisson, above
  159. Godparents were Philippe Bisson and Marie Gruchy (below). Philippe was a distant cousin but he will have been a closer Benest cousin to these Bissons, his mother having been Elizabeth Benest
  160. Their choice of godparents for their children is most useful. They included: Charles Hamon and Rachel Bisson, his wife (twice) and Jean Bisson and Esther Hocquard, his wife. The Philippe Bisson, used twice, will be one of Rachel`s maternal kinsmen
  161. Godparents: Edouard Bisson and Rachel Hubert, his wife
  162. Godparents: Benjamin Bisson and Esther Bisson, his sister
  163. Godparents: Michel Bisson and his wife. She was herself godmother of her nephew, Charles Bisson, in 1734
  164. Godparents: Charles Bisson and Esther Gruchy, his wife
  165. R.P.27/124 (1691), above
  166. R.P.28/13 (1705). The property in Croiserie, Trinity, inherited by Marguerite Le Breton and passed to her Bisson descendants in the next two generations, was that later called Bannelais and now called Oakfield
  167. One of these will be the "fils à Michel" buried 1698, Trinity
  168. R.P.37/171 (1733) whereby Marguerite Bisson, wife of Philippe de Gruchy, her sisters Elizabeth Bisson, wife of Jean Cabot and Marie Bisson sell their share of the inheritance to their elder brother, Michel, principal heir of their mother. Philippe de Gruchy and Marguerite Bisson, his wife, were the great-grandparents of Abraham de Gruchy (1780-1864)
  169. R.P.37/171 (1733) “fils ainé et principal héritier”
  170. See Armorial of Jersey, 247
  171. R.P.57/207 (1775): “Esther Bisson eldest daughter and principal heir of the late Me Michel Bisson and of the defunct Jeanne Lemprière, his wife, the said Esther Bisson wife of Me Michel Payn, of one part and Anne Bisson, younger daughter..and wife of Abraham Payn, of the other, share between them the inheritance of their father and mother” Note: The Payns sold this property in 1820 to their cousin, Charles de Gruchy, son of John, son of John, in whose family it remained until about 1944
  172. R.P.37/171 “fille 2e née”
  173. R.P.27/124 (1680)
  174. R.P.21/49 and 27/124
  175. Centenier of Trinity, 1636- . In 1630, three advocates were charged with having not appeared to assist the Court. They were Edouard Romeril of Trinity, his 1st cousin-once-removed, Amice Bisson and the latter`s elderly father, Jean Bisson, who was already “le plus ancient avocat” in 1625. In 1631, Amice and his ageing father were suspended for the same offence. The matter did not repeat itself, as among the advocates, Amice was the choice to stand in for Mr Hélier Hue, the indisposed Greffier (Clerk of the Court), not only in December 1642, but in 1643-4 and again in 1647, as “Suppléant-Greffier”. He served the parish of Trinity as Centenier from 1636 and on settling in Mont à L`Abbé, St Helier, was Procureur of that parish from 1647: Actes des Etats 1,99 (1647); ABSJ 8, 210]. Amice Bisson senr. had died by 1670
  176. R.P.20/41 (1670) : Amice Bisson junr. son of the late Amice Bisson, on the advice of Matthieu Le Gallais, in right of his wife, Mse Elizabeth Bisson “fille dudit Amice senr.” to pay Abraham Le Maistre [their uncle- by-marriage] ..4 quartiers wheat rente.. Amice junior does not seem to have married
  177. Armorial of Jersey, 212
  178. R.P. 12/320 (1645): Mr Thomas Le Breton having acquired 20 quartiers of wheat rente from Jean`s father, Jean (the advocate) fils Perrin, the said Le Breton stated Jean`s brother, Amice, had exercised his right to reclaim 16 quartiers of this (paying the purchase price) and Abraham Le Maistre, in right of his wife, apparently the rest! Jean Bisson fils Jean was Officier du Connétable , Trinity, 1650-1657 and Procureur of Trinity, 1666
  179. CdH 22 Jan 1701
  180. RP 29/142: Joshua Bisson, a native of Trinity in the Island of Jersey, now of Beverly, in the County of Essex in New England, Joyner, and Hannah, his wife, having rights to certain rents and yearly payments in wheat, in right of my mother, Elizabeth Bisson, heretofore Elizabeth Fall, late of Jersey, consideration of £65 current money of New England, paid by Captain Jean Vincent of the Island of Jersey, mariner, now residing in Boston, New England... 3 Quartiers total of annual wheat rente
  181. With thanks to Pam Hislop for Elizabeth`s forename and marital parish, from which her name emerged. In most of the deeds, she was merely described as "Abraham Le Maistre causa-ux"
  182. R.P. (1617): “Léonard Bisson fils Perrin,” no doubt named after his maternal grandfather, Léonard Romeril of La Fontaine. Also see RP 10/353 (1636) “Philippe Bisson, fils Michel, ...prochain lignager de Jean Bisson, fils [late] Léonard.” He was one of the communicants of Trinity in 1613
  183. RP 11/475 : Edouard Romeril, fils Martin, sold to “Jean Bisson” (his second cousin) fils Leonard”... Jean was Inspecteur des Chemins, Ville à L'Evêcque, 1630
  184. “Perrin Bisson, fils Jean, “: RP 17/61, 18/6 and CH (27 September 1660). He was buried in Trinity, 20 September 1661
  185. Godparents: Pierre Deslandes and Sara [Dorey] his wife
  186. Godfather: Josué Bisson
  187. Godparents: Olivier Gruchy and Guillemette, wife of Philippe Gruchy
  188. There were two other Philippe Bissons in Trinity in that decade who married. However, despite the others being married, there was issue only to the Philippe married to Marie Chevalier. One of the sons of this productive marriage gave his parentage as "fils Philippe fils Perrin": see R.P.42/30, Jean Bisson
  189. R.P.42/30: "Jean Bisson, fils Philippe, fils Perrin" in a sale of rentes to Jean Hamon
  190. Elizabeth Hamon was buried as " veuve Jean Bisson fils Philippe"
  191. Godparents: Philippe Bisson and Marie Chevalier
  192. Godparents: Josué Bisson [uncle of the father, Philippe] and Elizabeth Chevalier. The Trinity Register records on the 11/07/1718 the burial of an "enfant de Philippe". This could be Josué, Marguerite or Philippe
  193. C.H. (27/09/1660): “Josué Bisson, younger son of Jean Bisson and of Marthe de Gruchy [Marthe Gruchy], his wife, and Perrin Bisson have delegated assessors.. to divide the inheritance of their father and mother
  194. Jean Bisson and Marthe Gruchy, his wife, were godparents
  195. Perrin Bisson, godfather
  196. Matthieu Dorey settled in St Helier in about 1635 and succeded to the office of Regisrar of Contracts on the death of his wife`s uncle, Advocate Jean Bisson. He was also “sermentey a vocat de barre a la court du roy a la place de Jean Bison” (sic), as Chevalier puts it : Journal de Jean Chevalier, 330. Dorey, a one-time Seigneur of the Fief des Hamonets, was also from 1646, H.M. Receiver of Revenues for St Helier, St Saviour and Trinity. According to the Armorial of Jersey, 247, he lived at La Longue Paroi House
  197. Actes des Etats 1549/50, 20: "Philippe Bisson senior and Etienne Beaucamp as pledges for Michel Corbel". A case in 1550, cited by Charles Langton in Langton`s Miscellany mentions the parties as "Philippe Bisson senior and Philippe Bisson junior [and] Hélier Bisson, his sons". Little more is known of Philippe junior
  198. Langton`s Miscellany, at the Library, La Société Jersiaise, has the remainder of the above court entry, dated 1550: “Philippe Bisson senr. and Philippe Bisson junr., [and] Hélier Bisson, his sons, divide the inheritance with the four daughters of Perrin Bisson”. This serves to place Hélier as the brother of Philippe junr. Hélier had died by 1586, when a case before the Cour de Samedi mentions his widow
  199. C.H. (1568): Thomas Cabot recognizing Hélier Bisson, in right of his wife, the daughter of Perrin Cabot, as a blood relation
  200. Thomas Bisson was described in a court case relating to the delayed partage of his de Gruchy father-in-law`s inheritance, (1569, C.H.), as “Thomas Bisson, fils Hélier”
  201. There were, in this generation, two Thomas Bissons of almost identical dates. This Christian name although existant in Bisson genealogy in the 16th century, was rare. The above Thomas, in right of his wife, had a “portion de vivre” granted him prior to a full partage being completed by his brother-in-law, the above Bernabey de Gruchy, on the inheritance of Matthieu de Gruchy (died about 1566). Thomas Bisson is there described as “fils Hélier.” Confusingly, the other Thomas had an eldest son named Hélier. Hélier was stated to have been “en age” in 1591 (Cour de Samedi) and thus born by 1571. The two Thomases were distinct, however, as the second Thomas` son, Hélier, was in 1591 (C.H.) described as “eldest son of Thomas Bisson and Collette, his wife, daughter of Jacques de la Cour.” The two namesakes thus also had wives bearing the same Christian name! This second Thomas had further children by Collette de la Cour, which appears in C.H. (1578), when he was described as the guardian of their under-age children, as he was also in 1584. He thus fathered children by Collette de la Cour from about 1569 to 1577, when the first Thomas was claiming, on behalf of his de Gruchy wife, a share in her father`s inheritance. This was not, however, two marriages of the same individual, as Collette de Gruchy outlived the first Thomas, marrying secondly, Regnault Guillaume. See The de Gruchys of Jersey, 2nd Edition, 21. The parentage of the second Thomas is uncertain, although he was probably a grandson of Nicolas Bisson (of generation 2), as in an action before the C.H. (1586, Trinity), against a member of the senior branch of the family, we see it was caused by Thomas "occupying part of the purchases" of Sire Helier Bisson, to some of which purchases Nicolas` family had already laid claim, (see action of 1556). Furthermore, whilst we know he had a son, Hélier (1571-1617), who reached his majority, there is no evidence for his having had a son named Thomas who did so. The next Thomas Bisson (1570?-1615) is thus provisionally placed as a son of Thomas Bisson and Collette de Gruchy
  202. R.P.7/18
  203. Perhaps named after his father`s maternal 1st cousin, Gilles de Gruchy. R.P.13/74 (1646): “Philippe Bisson, son of Michel, in right of Jean Corbel, sells to Gilles Bisson, son of Thomas, le Clos de Godel”
  204. The groom noted as being of Trinity
  205. Renaulde was buried on the 12th September 1676 as "femme Nicolas Bisson," showing that her husband was still living at that date. He could therefore not have been the Nicolas who was buried in the parish in 1672, who is more likely to have been his contemporary, Nicolas fils Jean, fils Philippe and Mary Gallichan, (near the top of this genealogy, generation 8)
  206. See note under Nicolas junior
  207. Buried as “Jean fils Nicolas”
  208. Godmother: Jeanne, wife of Thomas Bisson. Nicolas was probably born early in the previous month, September
  209. Marguerite Bisson featured in 1676 as godmother of Thomas Bisson, fils Jean: "Marguerite Bisson fille Nicolas"
  210. Godfather: Daniel Bisson
  211. Godfather: Philippe Bisson
  212. The christening date of his elder twin brothers, the 24/02/1656/7, does not sit well with that of Nicolas on the 15/04/1657. The twins` christening perhaps took place several months after their birth, which may have been in the summer of 1656. A delayed christening was usually caused by a new-born's ill-health, which was evident in the case of the twins. Both died shortly after their eventual christening, one a month and four days later, the other two months later. Most of the issue born to Nicolas Bisson and Renaulde, his wife, seem to have been sickly
  213. Anne Grandin, wife of Nicolas Bisson, was buried on the 3rd October 1676 with their infant child. Her husband was described as "Nicolas Bisson junior", confirming that his father, Nicolas senior, was then still living. Furthermore, this distinguishes Anne Grandin`s husband from Nicolas Bisson (1645?- ), fils Nicolas ( -1669) and Elizabeth Coutanche, as from 1669 this Nicolas was no longer "Nicolas junior"
  214. Both Nicolas senior and junior were widowers in 1676. Both apparently remarried in 1677 but as no issue actually features in the baptismal register from either marriage, it is unclear which married Elizabeth Giffard and which married Elizabeth Grandin. As Nicolas junior had already married into the latter family, he may have remarried, to a sister of his late wife, which is not uncommon. His father will then perhaps have married Elizabeth Giffard
  215. R.P.29/170 (1715): Marie Bisson only daughter of "Nicolas Bisson, son of Nicolas, son of Gilles" and wife of Benjamin Le Sueur sells to Hugh Richardson, son of Nicolas, and to Marie Alexandre his wife, a house with its yard, outbuildings, orchard and right of usage of the well in the yard belonging to the heirs of Philippe Laugés, for a price of 5 Quartiers 4 cabots..
  216. Godparents: Thomas Bisson and sister
  217. Godparents: Möise Cabot and his wife. R.P.24/92 (1681): "Moyse Bisson, fils Jean, fils Gilles" conveyed to Benjamin Chevalier fils Jean, a property previously purchased by his grandfather Gilles Bisson in 1644. This included land called Le Clos du Val au Breton and Le Picachon, situated in St Helier, on the Fief de Mélèches. His wife, Judith Pithon, waived her dowry rights
  218. Nicolas Bisson (1675- ) seems to have been one of six Nicolas Bissons in Trinity, during the 17th century, to have attained his majority and perhaps married. One was born in 1617, dying in 1669 and features without ambiguity on the above genealogy in generation 6, married to Elizabeth Coutanche. Two were born in the 1620s and have been discussed above, as has "Nicolas junr." The remaining two contracted marriages, one to Sara ( -- ), buried as the "veuve Nicolas" on the 03/11/1695 and the other to Catherine ( -- ), buried as "femme Nicolas" on the 08/07/1701, being followed by her widower, Nicolas Bisson, on the 22/06/1702. Each of these burials took place in Trinity. To one of the above couples will have been born Jeanne Bisson, baptised 01/03/1663, "daughter of Nicolas". There appear to have been no male descendants beyond the second generation, resulting from any of these unions
  219. Philippe was described on marriage as “fils Thomas”. The Trinity Register also records that he was a meunier, a Miller
  220. R.P.20/129 (1671): “Thomas Bisson, fils Philippe and of Marie Luce, his wife, sells to Hélier Bisson and Philippe Bisson, his brothers, sons of the said Philippe Bisson and Marie Luce, his wife....”
  221. R.P.23/160 (1684) Jean Bisson fils Thomas sold 6 cabots of annual wheat rentes, owed by Jean Blampied fils Michel in right of his wife, to Sara Maret fille Jean. Also, in his later years: R.P.29/261 (1716): Jean Bisson, son of Thomas, sells to Jean Nicolle, son of Denis, a field called Les Petite[s] Noete[s]--indicating a marshy area, usually with springs-- part of which adjoined Bisson`s land, in Trinity, Fief de L`Abbesse de Caen, for the price of 4 1/2 cabots of annual wheat rente and a single payment of 274 livres tournois. The latter sum was to be paid to Jean`s three daughters, 90 livres to each, on condition that they did not claim anything further from their "ainé" --a brother-- by way of inheritance, on the death of their father. The three daughters and two of their husbands are named
  222. Godfather: Louis La Cloche, from a family of Mill-owners
  223. R.P.21/86 (1675): Partage of the inheritance, Cabot family, between “Me Aaron Cabot, Benjamin Cabot, Me Josué Maret, ca. ux., parchonniers dudit Aaron, ensemble Pierre Cabot, fils Pierre, et Benjamin Bisson, causa matris” [in right of his mother]. Several inferences can be drawn from this deed. Firstly, for Benjamin Bisson (baptised 1653, son of Thomas) to claim a share in the Cabot inheritance in right of his mother, Thomas`s wife Jeanne had also to be a Cabot. The fact Benjamin`s father was not claiming on behalf of his wife, suggests that he may have died by 1675. Lastly, for Benjamin to have been making the claim for a share of his mother`s estate, [on behalf of his siblings] one of his two elder brothers, Jean or Elie, may have predeceased him, whilst the other may have been indisposed. Of the two, Jean is known to have married and had a family, so is likely to have been the latter and Elie, the former
  224. R.P.23/84 (1682): Philippe Ingouville sells to Benjamin Bisson and Elizabeth Nicolle, his wife, jointly, a house and associated outbuildings, le Clos à Genest and le Clos de la Rue, adjoining the land, on the north and west, respectively, of Mse Marie Romeril and Jean Nicolle, son of Moyse, in Trinity, Fief à l`Evêcque d`Avranche. Some of the rente Ingouville was to receive in payment was due on the property of "Jean Bisson, frère ainé dudit Benjamin", who owed it to the latter, it is stated, as a result of the partage of their inheritance
  225. Living 1671 (R.P.20/129). R.P.14/321 (1650):”Hélier Bisson, fils Philippe”, bought from Jean Le Hardy gent. Le Jardin d`Amy in St Helier, Fief de Mélèches. He married, as "Elier Bisson and his wife" were godparents in 1675 of Josué Bisson, fils Thomas, his nephew
  226. Godfather: Jean Luce
  227. Bearing a Christian name favoured by the Cabots, Aaron Bisson was doubtless named after the above Aaron Cabot, although his actual godfather was Nicolas Cabot—a means of recognising both relatives!
  228. The godparents of Charles Bisson in 1710 (see above, who were maternally Charles` uncle and aunt) were Aaron and his first wife, as the latter`s sister, Marthe Benest, married Jean Bisson, son of Jean, being the parents of Charles (baptised 1710)
  229. The second wife of Aaron Bisson to be named Marie Benest, was buried as his "Widow" in 1771
  230. Godparents: Philippe Benest, "Grand-Père" of the child and Prescille Le Marinel, aunt of the same. Marie was living in 1730, when she sold, with her brothers Aaron and Charles Bisson, their inheritance to Josué Rondel: R.P.37/70
  231. Godparents: Jean Bisson and Marthe Benest, his wife. The relationship to this couple was on the Benest side of the family
  232. Significantly, Judith Bisson was buried as "veuve Charles Bisson", showing that her husband had predeceased her. He had been buried as "Charles Bisson senior" in 1789, indicating that their son, Charles, (junior), was then alive and thriving
  233. R.P. (13/12/1692)
  234. Godparents: Josué Bisson and Marguerite Bisson. Charles, [junior in 1789], married, had issue and died, in his turn, as "Charles Bisson senior" in 1796, again indicating that his son too, the next Charles Bisson, was also alive in that year
  235. Trinity was stated as being the parish of both parties. Marguerite Bisson was Charles` grandmaternal (Benest) 2nd cousin, (1737-1797) and was buried in Trinity in 1797, as Charles` "veuve", widow
  236. Godparents: Charles Bisson and Judith, his daughter, (being the child`s grandfather and aunt, respectively)
  237. This Charles Bisson was the implied "junior" of 1796. His godparents were his maternal uncle and aunt, Charles Hamon and Rachel Bisson, his wife. He was buried as "Me Charles Bisson, fils Charles" in 1808, Trinity
  238. Elie Bisson`s godparents were his father and "Elizabeth [really Rachel] Bisson, femme de Charles Benest"
  239. George Bisson`s godparents were Charles Giffard and Priscille Bisson, his wife. The latter was related, again, through the Benests, her mother having been one of two Marthe Benests to have married a Jean Bisson
  240. Elie Bisson`s Will, proven in 1797, mentions his "dear and well-beloved" wife, Esther Bisson; his brother, Charles Bisson and sisters, Esther and Judith Bisson: D/Y/A/15/154 at the Jersey Archive
  241. Buried in 1733 as “Philippe, fils Aaron Bisson et Marie Benest, sa femme”
  242. R.P.41/6 (1744): Aaron Benest sold to Josué Le Masurier and Elizabeth Bisson his wife, daughter of the said Aaron, his house...
  243. Godmother to the Le Masuriers` daughter Marie in 1746
  244. The Trinity register tells the sad tale of Benjamin`s death: “June 1676; Benjamin Bisson, fils Philippe; Nicolas Cabot, fils Jean; Jacques Le Breton, fils Etienne, the 29th June departed to go into Ich Ho [Note: This has been misread at times as “Ecréhou[s]”, a group of islands off the north-east coast of Jersey. Ich Ho is at the centre of an extended rocky reef, covering, at low-water, more than two miles of the Island`s south-east coast. It was later crowned with a round tower, now called the Icho Tower] and were drowned on the 1st day of July. Their bodies were found in Les Rochers Lemprière.” Another account mentions that those drowned were on a fishing trip
  245. R.P.38/195 (1737): "Jean Bisson, fils Jean, fils Benjamin" sold in 1737 to nine buyers much of his annual income in rentes
  246. Godparents: Jean Bisson and Rachel [Cabot], wife of François Le Breton
  247. Buried as “Benjamin Bisson senr.,” which he was, within his immediate family
  248. There is a burial entry for "Elizabeth Bisson fille Benjamin" in 1743 (Tr). However, this Elizabeth`s infant niece and namesake (1741- ) was also "fille Benjamin"
  249. Elizabeth was buried in 1770 as "femme Benjamin"; this Benjamin Bisson was therefore then living
  250. Initials engraved in stone at Les Ruettes: "PBS.MGC 1780, 1781"; (Stevens, Joan, Old Jersey Houses, Volume 2, 219. Philippe`s godparents were Philippe Bisson and Marie Syvret, his wife
  251. The St John Register tells us the groom was of Trinity, where his family was born and brought up
  252. Godparents: Daniel Bisson and Elizabeth Baudains. They had married in 1742 but the detail was, in this case, omitted in the register
  253. The St John Register mentions the bridegroom as being of Trinity
  254. Godparents: Daniel Bisson and Marie de la Rocque, his wife. Daniel and his family were previously shown in two other Jerripedia trees, but it has now been established that he fits here
  255. Descendants of Jean Bisson shows 16 children
  256. Godparents: Jean Marett and Marie Bisson, his wife
  257. There were then living two people named "Charles Bisson fils Benjamin", this Charles (baptised 1751) and the other (baptised 1757). This Charles, however, might have been expected to have featured as a godfather to one or other of his numerous nephews and nieces. This never occurred
  258. Marie Bisson and her husband are named in the St John Register in 1777 as godparents of Elizabeth Bisson, [their niece], daughter of Daniel Bisson and Elizabeth Rondel, his wife
  259. No issue has yet been found
  260. This is an example of a Christian name already in use in some branches of a family, cropping up in an entirely different branch. Close kinship cannot therefore be inferred. The name, in this instance, was introduced by an outsider, the child`s godfather, Mr Daniel Pellier
  261. Daniel Bisson and Marie de la Rocque, his wife, were St John godparents of Jeanne Bisson (1777) and Daniel Bisson (1786), children of Jean Bisson of St John and Jeanne Gruchy, his wife
  262. Nicolas Bisson, fils Hélier, settled with his wife in St Laurence. See ABSJ 4, 321
  263. C.H. (1586) Thomas Bisson recognises Geoffrey Esnouf, in right of his wife, as being of his family [and due therefore to a share in the inheritance] with regard to Catherine [Cabot] their mother and Hélier Bisson, their father
  264. C.H.(1583) Thomas Bisson, eldest son of Hélier [as above, this time regarding Geoffrey Le Sueur] relating to Hélier Bisson`s inheritance. Also C.H. 5/153 (1587), where the matter is stated to have been completed
  265. C.H.(1581)
  266. C.H. (1581)
  267. R.P.4/58 (1613): “Nicolas Grossier and Thomasse, his wife, Hélier Esnouf and Marguerite, his wife, daughters of Servais Le Sueur and Regnée, his wife, daughters of Philippe Bisson and of Jeanette, his wife, ..”
  268. The Bissons had been associated with St Brelade since the mid-12th century and it was likely to have been from there that a branch had become established in Trinity, perhaps in the person of the above Perrin Bisson (1450?-1525). It was an old Jersey custom, that to keep a property within the family, a marriage for an heiress would be sought among her kinsmen. Perrin Bisson`s grandson, Nicolas, doubtless filled this description. For a genealogy of the original Bissons of St Brelade and their St Laurence descendants, see ABSJ 11, 95-6. For Nicolas, see C.H. (1581): “Nicolas Bisson fils Philippe” engaged in an accord with Michel Bisson [fils Perrin] and C.H. (1583): “Nicolas Bisson, fils Philippe, causa-uxoris vers Pierre Orange” and C.H. (1571): “Collas Bisson a cause de sa femme, fille Guillaume Bisson.” Note: Nicolas and Catherine had descendants in St Brelade and although not as numerous as those of Trinity and some other parishes, they survive to the present day. The first of these generations features below. That Nicolas wished to retain family links with his Trinity relatives can be seen in his choice for his children of godparents
  269. Also see note below. Godmother: Perronelle Bisson
  270. Messervy (`Hair Trunk` random research notes, at the SJ Library) found evidence that the eldest surviving son of Nicolas and Catherine was Philippe Bisson, the “ainé” in 1624, living in 1638. If this is correct, then Jean died before 1624, without surviving issue
  271. He does not feature among the heirs of Nicolas
  272. “l`ainé” in 1624; living in 1638. CH His godfather was Perrin Bisson, of Trinity, brother of Nicolas
  273. Jeanne, also, does not feature amongst Messervy`s heirs of Nicolas. She probably predeceased him, without issue. Her godfather was Thomas Cabot
  274. Her godfather was Michel Bisson [of Trinity]
  275. Cour de Câtel (1571): “Perrin Bisson in an action as guardian of the children of Pierre Bisson, (see above), the other parties being Richard Bisson and Richard Alexandre, in right of his wife” [being son and son-in-law, respectively, of the late Pierre Bisson]

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