Springfield Stadium

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Springfield Stadium


Springfield island cattle show

Springfield Stadium, in the centre of St Helier inside the
ring road, is the island's main football venue

The stadium in 2021 - picture Jersey Evening Post

Outdoor events

Over the the years Springfield stadium and the former hall have been the venue for island cattle shows - its original purpose - the Battle of Flowers, Muratti Vase football finals, the opening of the Island Games, Beatles concerts and many other activities.

When islanders evacuated before the German Occupation, many of them left their cars at Springfield, believing that they would be safe.

The site is now owned by the States, and was completely redeveloped in 1996, with the demolition of the old grandstands and Springfield Hall, which has been the venue over the years for entertainment, exhibitions and all manner of indoor activities.

Springfield was bought by the States on 9 December 1994 for £4,200,000 from the Royal Jersey Agricultural and Horticultural Society, who originally acquired it as a central venue for their important island cattle shows. The original Springfield Hall, named the Agricultural Hall, was built in 1924, and demolished 72 years later in 1996. One of its main purposes was to stage the horticultural competitions of the RJA&HS.

In 1967 the society decided to move its offices from Mulcaster Street to a new building in the grounds of Springfield.

The first trades exhibition was held at Springfield in November 1950 and these became regular events until Fort Regent was developed to provide much larger accommodation for them.

Battle of Flowers

When the Jersey Chamber of Commerce took over the organisation of the Jersey Battle of Flowers in 1928 they moved the event from Victoria Avenue to Springfield and it was held there until 1939, when war intervened. When the event resumed in 1951 it returned to the Avenue.

When the States took over the site they built a modern grandstand, realigned the football pitch and landscaped the grounds with new parking areas, at the same time as creating a gyratory traffic system to the north of the complex.


An island cattle show at Springfield
The roadside of Springfield Hall
A children's festival in the hall - date unknown

Entertainment centre in 1930s

These posters and promotional material are a selection of over 100 added to the Jersey Heritage website in 2024, illustrating just how important an entertainment complex Springfield Stadium and Hall were in the 1930s

Drama in the hall

Springfield Hall was the venue for many different forms of entertainment before and after World War 2, including the staging of Victoria Regina in 1953

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