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Queen Elizabeth II's visits to Jersey

Queen Elizabeth II first visited Jersey as Princess Elizabeth in 1949, accompanied by her husband Prince Philip.
She was back, as Queen, in 1957, and the Royal couple made further visits in 1978, 1989, 2001 and 2005

The Queen and Prince Philip in the States Chamber in 1957


With Alexander Coutanche



The Royal Yacht Britannia moored offshore in 1978
A painting by Ken Howard of the Queen in the States Chamber in 1978

States album

These photographs of the 1978 visit were commissioned by the States and formed part of an official album of the visit. The pictures have been reproduced in many forms over the years and the majority were previously included above on this page. We have removed duplicate pictures and present the photographs here in sequence from the Queen and Prince Philip's arrival at the Harbour through to their departure

At Le Petit Catelet. This was the first Royal Visit of several covered by Jerripedia editor Mike Bisson during his years as a Jersey Evening Post journalist. He can be seen in the background, in front of the white marquee, in the days when he had some hair on the top of his head and suits with flared trousers were fashionable
And here he is again, arms folded on the far left, as the Queen is greeted by Lady Ereaut, wife of the then Bailiff, Sir Frank Ereaut




Prince Philip

These photographs, featuring Prince Philip, were taken by Jersey Evening Post photographers during the Royal visit of 1978 ...


... and these were taken in 1983when he opened the Billy Butlin sports hall in St John

Jersey-born and educated soldier Fletcher Cox was one of eight coffin bearers at the funeral of Queen Elizebeth in 2022. Fletcher is at the back of the coffin on the left of this picture
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