Postcards of Henry George Allix

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Postcards of Henry George Allix


Henry Allix and his family outside their Queen Street shop

Henry George Allix, who had tobacconist shops in Mulcaster Street and Queen Street, was arguably the most important Jersey-based publisher of postcards. He did not, as some assume, take the photographs for the cards - he was their publisher and major retailer.

The photographs were mostly taken by Henry Allix's French professional photographer friend J Bienaimé, starting in 1905. The cards were produced for a limited period because their production ceased with the death of Henry Allix in 1914. They are numbered from 1 to 193, with some numbers used more than once. No cards have so far been found with the numbers 123, 167 and 189.

The cards were documented in a book by collector Charles Larbalestier, published by La Société Jersiaise in 2004: The Postcards of Henry George Allix - Scenes of Edwardian Jersey

This page contains a limited selection of these cards, which will be added to in due course,

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