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Shops of the past



This gallery of Jersey shops of the past is mainly sorted alphabetically, but some images have still to be repositioned. There are over 300 pictures, as well as a selection of advertisements at the bottom of the page. See 19th century Jersey business adverts and 20th century Jersey business adverts for our extensive selection of business adverts from 1837 onwards


Shops of the past

Jimmy Rimington outside his fruit and veg shop at No 13 King Street. The premises were built or remodelled for him in 1904

Click on any image below to see a full-size version. Businesses are (mostly) sorted alphabetically

Mrs Mary Marshall's grocery shop was in Aquila Road. Mrs Marshall, nee Keefe, was the wife of Edwin Charles Marshall
Bird's Bakery
We have not been able to identify the general stores in the photograph, which was probably taken around the turn of the 19th century. The sign above the shopfront appears to read 'All goods at town prices' which suggests that this is a country shop, but the telephone number - either 62 or 82 - with the wording 'P... Place' below, suggests a town shop. The number 62 was held by Randalls, of Minden Place, which ties in nicely with the large Randall's sign, but not with the 'P.... Place' wording, which has been confirmed by an enlarged and enhanced image. 82 was held by Down's Brothers in St Clement's Road, which is out of town but does not tie in with 'P Place' - so the location remains a mystery
Burtons is still in King Street, but Woolworth, behind, has closed, and Noel and Porter, further down the street, was demolished to make way for British Home Stores
The shop at Carrefour Selous
Francis Foot outside his Dumaresq Street shop
Alf Jeune, seed merchant at 1 Burrard Street
Le Quesne wine merchant in 1912
W B Morris's Charing Cross Grocery Stores (No 6) in the 1900s
Parpallion, Colomberie 1910
Grantez farm shop in 1979
Mabel Skingle inside the Kensington Place shop she ran in the 1930s
West Park Supply Stores
Colomberie butcher Peter Bevis with a display of Christmas turkeys

Adverts and invoices

Ethel Yates' shop in James Road in the 1920s
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