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Philip Ahier

Philip Ahier (1887-1975) was the only son of Philippe Ahier, a carpenter, and Jane Le Brun. He was born in 1887 at 13 Roseville Street, St Helier. He was to become a teacher in England and, after returning to Jersey in retirement, a prominent local historian

He was educated at St Luke's School and the Jersey Modern School before attending the University of London and graduating as a mathematician and scientist. He taught in Plymouth until 1914 and then moved to Yorkshire, where he developed a reputation as an authority on local history.

Returning to Jersey in 1950, to live in the Roseville Street house where he was born, he taught at Victoria College, the Jersey Collegiate School, New Street School and St John's School, before retiring to concentrate on local history and Jèrriais studies. He was vice-president of La Société Jersiaise and was appointed a Membre d'Honneur in 1972.

He was particularly interested in Jersey's maritime history and the history of its schools, and his The Governorship of Sir Walter Ralegh in Jersey was published locally. He also wrote the histories of local hotels and businesses for commercial publications.

He had two daughters by his first marriage to Marianne Chambers, who died in 1932, and was survived by his second wife, Sara Higson, with whom he had a son and daughter.

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