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Maritime picture gallery

This gallery contains general maritime pictures. Pictures of Jersey harbours can be found on the pages dedicated to those ports. The images have been provided by a large number of sources, and many of them have been published as postcards. It has not been possible to identify the original photographers of many of these. However, the contribution of Kevin Le Scelleur, the leading authority on Channel Island maritime history, is gratefully acknowledged. A more substantial collection of photographs of vessels which have operated in Channel Island waters can be found on his website Channel Island Shipping. Kevin is also the author of Channel Islands Railway Steamers (1985) and Commodore Shipping, the first 50 years.
ss Victoria manoeuvring on to her berth after arriving in St Helier Harbour. The small boat at the bow is collecting her main mooring rope

Named vessels in alphabetical order

This collection has grown so large that we have had to divide it into separate pages in alphabetical order, accessed from this index. These pages are devoted largely to passenger carrying vessels. Jersey Harbour vessels and visiting naval vessels are in a separate page, and we also have a section devoted to Jersey lifeboats. Some vessels operating pleasure cruises and inter-island routes will also be found in the miscellaneous section below. Please note that we have separate pages for many of the vessels which were regular visitors to Jersey over a long period and those pages may contain further photographs which are not in these A-Z pages

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Miscellaneous vessels and other subjects

Jersey fishing cutters in harbour at the Isle of Man
A sailing vessel leaves St Helier Harbour in the mid-1870s
A mailboat passes Elizabeth Castle

Crew and support staff

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