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Hotel l'Horizon


Now a luxury 4-star hotel of international standing, L’Horizon was originally built as a private seaside villa in 1850 when its name was Aliwal. The house originally belonged to George Hicks, a Colonel in the Bengal Army and grandfather of the famous actor-writer Sir Seymour Hicks, who built London’s Globe Theatre.


One of the first, and perhaps the most interesting of the owners of the original house was Thomas Sutton (1819–1875) a photographer who came to Jersey to take advantage of ‘the clear bright light’ of the Island.

The hotel started life as a guesthouse called the White House, which was used by the Germans during the Occupation.

The hotel was purchased in 1956 by the Earl of Jersey, Chairman of Associated Hotels, and was owned by that company until 1988, when it was purchased by Clipper Hotels. A Leisure Centre, Club L’Horizon was added in July 1989.

In November 1993, L’Horizon and the Clipper Group were bought by Arcadian International. In 1998 the Arcadian group was purchased by Hand Picked Hotels. October 2002 saw the commencement of an £8 million investment into L’Horizon which was completed in March 2006.

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