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Fashion in Jersey
over the decades


At the beach bungalow in Victorian times

As far as we know, all these pictures were taken in Jersey. They show the changes in ladies', mens' and children's fashion over the decades and are some of the best examples from our collection


See all the pictures in our slideshow and hundreds more in our review of Jersey fashions from the 1850s to 1930s - just click here

Fashion in the 1960s

Pictures from a 1935 holiday album, what the well-to-do were wearing on holiday in the 'thirties


Ladies of the Jersey Green Room Club in 1950s dresses in 1976
A fashion show by girls of Les Quennevais School in the 1960s

Beach fashions in 1922 ...


... and in 1923 ...

... and in 1933 ...

... and in 1938 ...

... and in 1950 ...

... and in 1955 ...

On St Brelade's Bay beach

... and what smartly dressed holidaymakers were wearing for outings in 1959


'Paris fashions', 1952

This set of photographs was sent to us labelled 'Paris fashion shoot in Jersey in 1952'. The photographs are not of sufficient quality, either the images themselves or the poses, for them to have been the work of a professional photographer, but they were definitely taken in Jersey and provide a fascinating glimpse of the fashions of the time.

The model in a holiday snap taken at Snow Hill; perhaps her companion took the pictures above

De Gruchy fashion shows, 1970s

The annual fashion shows at A de Gruchy and Co's King Street store were always sold out in the 1970s. These pictures were taken in 1973 and 1975


General gallery

Dressed for the beach in 1906?
And another two ladies on the beach in this undated photograph from around the turn of the 20th century
On the beach at St Brelade's Bay in the late 1940s

Jersey bonnets in 1917
A family group in the 1910s
1912 glamour picture by Edwin Dale
The well-dressed crowd at a Coronation fete in 1911
1946 beauty competition
The only information we have about this fascinating picture is that the young ladies were Miss Makenny, Miss Amy, Mrs A Blatchford, M Hanley, Miss M le Feuvre, Miss J Boielle and Miss G Aldridge
Smartly dressed for a group portrait in 1914
The latest word in 1949 fashions. Geraldine Garnier, nee Vautier, walking down Conway Street in a dress bought for her in Paris by her mother
Mini skirts in 1971 - Linda, Janet, Eileen and Davina at the Flamingo nightspot

1929 beach fashions

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