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Building Jersey's new airport


From Flight magazine 3 October 1935

Builder Ernest Farley's workforce ready to build an airport

Work is now proceeding rapidly at the new Jersey Airport, which is situated near St Peter's Barracks and within ten minutes' walk of St Peter's Church. Pipes are being laid for drainage, and a new road on the north side is being made to replace the one which has been absorbed in the airport area. The radio station, of course, has been in working order for some time on the east side, near the road, and buildings, hangars and offices will be erected nearby.

The area comprises 74 acres, of which 30 has already been sown. It is hoped that the airport will be ready for use in March.


In Guernsey the States Aerodrome Committee has published a second report on the choice of a site for an island aerodrome. Special attention has been given to three sites — L'Eree, L'Ancresse and La Villiaze. The Committee still recommends La Villiaze, situated in the centre of the island, as the ideal spot, but suggests, however, a smaller area than that stated in the first report.

The Committee has been in consultation with Messrs. Norman, Muntz, and Dawbarn, who favour the erection of the airport at La Villiaze. The matter will shortly come up for consideration before the local parliament.


With the approaching completion of the Alderney Aerodrome, regular daily services to that island should be started during the early part of this mouth. Connection will be made with Guernsey by means of a Saro Windhover until the authorities there make their own aerodrome.

Jersey Airways

Meanwhile, Jersey Airways continue to break all their own records, having carried nearly 6,000 passengers during the month of August and 18,000 so far during the year.

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