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Annual Bulletin of La Societe Jersiaise
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The Annual Bulletin of the Société Jersiaise is the Society's annual report. It was first published in 1875 and has now reached Volume 30. The bulletin contains general business information about La Société, reports on the activities of its many sections and articles covering the study of all aspects of island life and history. Many of these articles are an invaluable resource for historians. A large selection of articles have been transcribed and formatted for Jerripedia, and this page contains an index to them.

On-line volumes

In April 2015 the Société, on the back of a States grant in 2013, began to add the complete set of bulletins to its revamped website, with an excellent search engine enabling any word or group of words to be searched across the full collection.

Although copies of a number of different Bulletins from 1931 to the present day are still available from the Société bookshop, most of the entire collection is now out of print. Second hand volumes are occasionally available from online booksellers or antique shops in Jersey.


In line with Jerripedia’s objective to make information on Jersey’s history freely available to all island residents and those throughout the world with an interest in the island, a substantial proportion of the most interesting articles (over 300) have already been processed and added to the site. A limited number are still awaiting final formatting, and we still have a number of articles from the early years to the 20th century to add to the site, some awaiting translation from the original French.

These articles have been reproduced in most respects as they were originally published, allowing for the variation in formats between the printed bulletins and modern web pages.

Where subsequent research has indentified significant inaccuracies in the original text a note has usually been inserted to this effect. Punctuation has been adjusted as necessary to improve readability of the text and dates and other minor items have been adjusted to conform with the general style in use throughout Jerripedia.

In the interests of brevity and clarity, and on the assumption that those undertaking detailed and serious historical research will refer to the original Bulletin articles, footnotes, text inserts and appendices containing references have usually not been included.


Photographs, drawings, maps and plans etc, illustrating the original articles have been reproduced wherever possible. Those not suitable for website reproduction have had to be omitted, and the text adjusted where necessary. Many of the articles have had other relevant images from the Jerripedia collection added.


The articles are also linked from appropriate pages and site menus throughout Jerripedia.

Year Title Author


1876 Durell Lerrier, founder president of La Société Jersiaise
1879 Extracts from Chevalier's diary Jean Chevalier


1881 Extracts from Chevalier's diary Jean Chevalier


1897 History of Guerdain family in Jersey J A Messervy
History of De La Rocque family J A Messervy
History of Sarre family in Jersey J A Messervy
1898 De Soulemont family history J A Messervy
The Herault family in Jersey J A Messervy
1899 De Rue family history J A Messervy
Gosselins in Jersey and Guernsey J A Messervy
Stocall family J A Messervy


1900 Jerseymen in important roles in Southampton 1409-1876 J A Messervy
1901 Journeaux family history J A Messervy
1902 The Romeril family J A Messervy
Lemprieres of St John J A Messervy
The Chevaliers of St Helier J A Messervy
1903 A history of the Baudains family and benefactor Laurens Baudains J A Messervy
History of the Hue family J A Messervy
1904 Falle family of Maufant J A Messervy
The families of two Lieut-Bailiffs Philippe Le Geyt J A Messervy
1905 The Fondans of St Peter J A Messervy
Dumaresqs of Gros Puits, Ponterrin and St Helier J A Messervy
1906 History of the Le Breton family J A Messervy
D'Auvergne family history J A Messervy
Falle family of Maufant - 2 J A Messervy
Robin family history J A Messervy
The Pipons of St Peter and Noirmont J A Messervy
Gedeon Philippes de Gorrequer J A Messervy
1907 and 1908 Notes on the origins of placenames J A Messervy
1908 Jutize and de Carteret family history J A Messervy
Hamon or Hammond J A Messervy


1910 Brevint family history J A Messervy
1913 The evolution of the parish churches R G Warton
Grouville Parish Church R G Warton
St Clement Parish Church R G Warton
St Peter Parish Church R G Warton
The origin of the name Jersey C Oberreiner
1914 St Saviour Parish Church R G Warton
St Ouen Parish Church R G Warton
St Brelade Parish Church R G Warton
1915 St Martin Parish Church R G Warton
1916 St Helier Parish Church R G Warton
Patriarche family history J A Messervy
1917 St Lawrence Parish Church R G Warton
Lemprieres, Seigneurs of Diélament J A Messervy
1918 St John Parish Church R G Warton
1919 Channel Islands in the Normandy rolls G F de Gruchy
Trinity Parish Church R G Warton
The first inhabitants of Jersey C Oberreiner
St Martin and de la Court families T W M de Guerin


1920 St Mary Parish Church R G Warton
1921 Administration in the Channel Islands before 1204 T W M de Guerin
Arms of Wardens and Governors Norman Rybot
1922 Baptismal names Auguste Messervy
The Du Pre family J A Messervy
Trinity Manor's rebuilding Athelstan Riley
1923 ''Le Victorial'' and the attack on Jersey in 1406 E T Nicolle
1927 Payn family of St Lawrence J A Messervy
1928 Bisson Family of St Brelade and St Lawrence J A Messervy


1930 1860s restoration of Longueville Manor W B Bateman
Seigneurs of Longueville C Langton
Longueville Manor chapel and colombier C Langton
Bailiff Hoste Nichol and Longueville Manor W B Bateman
The Corsairs of Jersey A C Saunders
1931 Seigneurs of Samares C Langton
1931 Vinchelez family Julia Marett
Philipe de Carteret, circumnavigator A C Saunders
1934 The watermills of Jersey John Fleury Le Cornu
Some Jersey watermills and their machinery G S Knocker
The perquages or percages of Jersey G F de Gruchy
Early postal service to the Channel Islands John Alexandre
Nicholas Le Messurier, master mariner A C Saunders
Anne Beauchamp, Lady of the Isles Elisabeth Yandell
Old Jersey silver T W Attenborough
Surviving menhirs Norman Rybot
1935 Jersey's oyster fishing industry Ralph Mollet
Newspaper reports of the 1794 invasion scare
1936 The windmills of Jersey G S Knocker
Chroniques de Jersey A J Eagleston
Charles Poingdestre's account of the Battle of Jersey Ralph Mollet
Chaire of Gold
1937 The Great Rebellion - divided into sections under the following headings F H Ellis
Troubled times
War breaks out
Captain Carteret in charge
Prince Charles' first visit
Before the King's execution
Charles' second visit
Preparations for attack
Parliamentary invasion
Seige of Elizabeth Castle
The story of the Jersey Public Library A S H Dickinson
Daniel Messervy A C Saunders
Trade with Welsh ports Trevor Williams
1938 The loss of HMS Determinee Denys Richardson
Abraham Cowley in Jersey Jean Loiseau
Amy family of Grouville J A Messervy, translated by Mike Bisson
Extradition of prisoners to France A J Eagleston
A 1672 Atlas
1939 Some old Fiott papers
Obituary of historian A C Saunders
A Jerseyman in New England
The Knights of Assise and the Jurés-Justiciers H Clifton
The portrait of General Don Norman Rybot
La Haule Manor Julia Marett
Philip Durel A C Saunders
Major Peirson pedigree G H Williams
Witch trials George Balleine


1940 A new species of red deer Frederick Zeuner
Jersey placenames J F Le Cornu
1941 17th Century social life George Balleine
1943 The leopards of England and the Channel Islands Norman Rybot
1946 St Lawrence's perquage G S Knocker
1947 Philippe d'Auvergne Philippe Le Geyt dit Rauvet
St Peter's perquage Julia Marett
Island water supply 1 Robert Burrow
La Vente aux Chandelles
1948 The history of St Aubin's Fort Norman Rybot
Perquages of St Ouen Frank Le Maistre
Jersey's copper coinage Wilfrid du Pré
1949 The old town of St Aubin Julia Marett


1950 Enemy legislation and judgments in Jersey C W Duret Aubin
The fire in the powder magazine on Mont de la Ville Oliver Mourant
l'Assise d'Heritage Ralph Mollet
1951 The role of the Constables Ralph Mollet
Agriculture in 1801 and 1949 compared G H Dury
The Jersey Militia in World War 2 H M Vatcher
German fortifications
Indigenous trees of Jersey H J Baal
1952 Some letters of Charles II to Jersey
St Mannelier's Grammar School Philip Ahier
The account of Hugh of St Philibert 1226 John Le Paturel
18th century land use statistics G H Dury
1953 Victor Hugo in Jersey A L Carré
Jersey postage stamps issued during the German Occupation Norman Rybot
1954 Contracts and the Ouye de Paroisse Ralph Mollet
Constitutional changes in Jersey C W Duret-Aubin
HHS Jersey George Balleine
Seals of the Deanery of Jersey Norman Rybot
1955 Prisoner-of-war camp T E Naish
The Duke of Bourbon captures Jersey Norman Rybot
The Hue stone at Perry Farm Norman Rybot
The Archives of Jersey George Balleine
Jersey Rifle Association F A L de Gruchy
1956 The Militia and the military role of Jersey in history F A L de Gruchy
Early excavations at La Cotte de St Brelade Norman Rybot
Medieval currency Ralph Mollet
St Catherine's harbour petition Ralph Mollet
St Aubin's Church licence Ralph Mollet
1957 Moulin de Debenaire and Moulin à Foulon et à Brais Philip Ahier
Sir George Carteret George Balleine
Notes on privateering in the Seven Year War Ralph Mollet
1532 Trinity trésor roll
1958 The Jersey Hay-cart Frank Le Maistre
The Paulets A C Sarre
Simnels A C Sarre
St Helier miracle Norman Rybot
1959 The tragedy of Philippe d'Auvergne George Balleine
German articles of surrender
Ouye de paroisse 1463 Ralph Mollet
La Motte Manor Emile Guiton


1960 Island water supply 2 Robert Burrow
When the Clameur de Haro was raised to save a tree
Military colours of the Royal Militia Ralph Mollet
Abbey of St Helier cross Emile Guiton
1682 contract to build a house Translated by V J Bailhache
St Aubin Market Philip Ahier
The Observatory: Maison St Louis Charles Rey
Supplementary notes on watermills in Jersey G S Knocker
1961 The so-called Jersey flag Norman Rybot
Jersey's railways Ronald Burt
The Fiefs d'Anneville, Everat and Lempriere Philip Ahier
The history of the Visite Royale Ralph Mollet
1962 Jersey's shipbuilding industry Alec Podger
Handois Manor Joan Stevens
1963 Allusions to Jersey in primary sources not hitherto recorded by the Société Jersiaise John Poindexter Landers
Jersey Settlements in Gaspé Marguerite Syvret
Emigrants from Jersey, the cod, and the Gaspé Coast George Le Feuvre
Plying to the Gaspé Coast A J Romeril
Halkett House F J Willy
Diélament colombier A Le Sueur
1964 Jean Poingdestre biography John Poindexter Landers
Mid-18th century trade with Southampton Alex Anderson
The New Jersey venture
Edmund Blampied - an interview F A Phillips
1873-1963 - the last 90 years Lord Coutanche
Trinity Manor Farm Brian Blench
1965 Jersey horse van Richard Stevens
Arms from the Royal Court of 1648
Town pumps
The 'Customer' of Jersey and the 'Register' of certificates Philip Ahier
The government of Jersey during the Occupation Lord Coutanche
1966 Lord du Parcq P M de Veulle
Marguerite Dumaresq Philip Ahier
The Museum's Builder A V Nicolle
Sark-Jersey links Sibyl Hathaway
1832 cholera epidemic Brian Blench
A sea pilot remembers
1967 The full story of the Jersey Chantry Certificate S W Bisson
Thomas Le Maistre's 18th century diary Joan Stevens
Col Legge's Accompt Philip Ahier
The consequences of the Norman Conquest for Jersey Lord Coutanche
The Assize Roll of 1299
1968 Some aspects of Education in Jersey 100 years ago
The Jersey Chamber of Commerce - the early years
T B Davis - benefactor Raoul Lempriere
Le Havre des Pas Philip Ahier
More information on Russians in the Channel Islands Joan Stevens
1969 Grainville J Poindexter Landers
Sir Thomas Morgan - a new perspective Philip Ahier
Le Couteur bowl Richard Mayne
Maison du Mont Joan Stevens and Peter Bisson
Vinchelez de Haut Manor Jean Arthur


1970 Mont de la Ville Philip Ahier
The du Cotil documents Joan Stevens and Jean Arthur
Beneficiaries under the Cotil will of 1496 Charles Stevens
Signal stations M B Cavanagh
The well at Fort Regent William Davies
John Alexander Gilfillan H T Porter
1971 Jersey Militia Colours W Y Carman
George Henry Ingouville VC Keith Burrow
House of Correction Philip Ahier
North America voyage W Macready
Connections with Westminster Abbey Raoul Lempriere
Jersey's Martello Towers H R S Pocock
1972 1794 plans to capture Jersey S W Bisson
Inventories of household effects Joan Stevens and Jean Arthur
1973 Grouville Common during the German Occupation Michael Ginns
Martin White RN William Davies
Gervold and Grouville Charles Stevens
1974 La famille Le Vesconte Jean Arthur
Russians in the Channel Islands Clara Tucker
Benetier at Bandinel Farm
Some details of 18th century St Helier Richard Mayne
Three prisoners of war head home to Jersey Joan Stevens
1975 The Prison Board case D B Swinfen
1976 Filleul scrapbook J F Arthur
1977 A game of fives in 1463 Charles Stevens
Everyday life on the coast of Acadia Marguerite Syvret
The Chateaubriand cousins Philip Stevens
Kine's Brewery Francis Bois
1978 The origin of the 12 parishes J N L Myers
George Eliot in Jersey Philip Stevens
Le Trésor Brian Pipon and Jean Arthur
St Jude's Chapel Leslie Sinel
The harbours that failed William Davies
The Dumaresq Map John Tessier-Yandell
1979 Caesar and Jersey Charles Stevens
The minute book of the Jersey Colloquy (1577-1614) S W Bisson
St Aubin's Church window Rosemary Hampton


1980 The various editions of Falle's history T G Hutt
The Jersey use of 'stipulant' F de Lisle Bois
Anthony Trollope and the Jersey postal service Philip Stevens
The Copley painting of the Battle of Jersey Marguerite Syvret
Guillaume de Marchia Sam Bisson and Joan Stevens
James Pipon of Noirmont in the Commissariat A J N Young
1981 The Theatre in Jersey 1778-1801 Raoul Lempriere
18th century trade Alec Podger
Social life at the time of the Battle of Jersey Joan Stevens
Farming at the time of the Battle of Jersey Jean Arthur
Battle of Jersey bicentenary celebrations
Church stone vaults J N L Myers
1982 Jersey's abundant agriculture Philip Stevens
Richardsons of La Ferme, St Martin Joan Stevens and Jean Arthur
Jerseymen and the War of Jenkins' Ear Marguerite Syvret
1983 The changing economic face of Jersey Colin Powell
Early proposals for fortifying the Town Hill William Davies
One of the island's earliest records Jean Arthur
Defence of the Channel Islands 1627 J C Appleby
Tour Nicolle Joan Stevens
The tale of a St Ouen sailor Frank Le Maistre
The discovery of the Belle Hougue cave A E Mourant
1984 The Theatre in Jersey 1802-1806 Raoul Lempriere
The history of the first chapel of ease at St Aubin Pamela Le Clercq
The Brohier connection Marguerite Syvret
Growth of St Helier Robin Cox
James Pipon 1805-1808 A J N Young
Huguenot Heritage 1685-1985 Marguerite Syvret
Bishop Trelawny M G Smith
1985 Victor Hugo - his reasons for leaving France Robert Sabourin
Escape from Jersey Peter Crill
Tradesmen's Christmas gifts Betty Jean
The Channel Island possessions of the Abbey of Holy Trinity, Caen John Walmsley
St Mary's Church datestone 1 Peter Bisson and Christopher Aubin
1986 Militia shoulder belt plates Charles Larbalestier
James Pipon and Sir Arthur Wellesley A J N Young
St Mary's Church datestone 2 Jean Arthur
Parish administration Francis Bois
Joan Stevens Richard Falle
1987 Samares in the Middle Ages Peter Bisson
Fort Regent siege guns William Davies
L'Habitation du Juge Francis Bois
Marx and Engels in Jersey Philip Stevens
1988 The part played by immigrants in Jersey's economic development over the centuries G C Powell
Militia Victorian head-dress Charles Larbalestier
The story of a Jersey collier in 1745 Peter Raban
St Mary and St Peter's Church windows Helen Thornton
1989 Repairs to the Gold Torque
The right to bear arms Guy Storry
The Mauger desk from Avranches Richard Stevens
James Pipon - a postscript A J N Young
St Mary's Church datestone 3 Arnold Taylor
New museum plans Michael Day
The Valpy and Young letters Philip Stevens


1990 The watermills of Queen's Valley Christopher Aubin
Le Seelleur of Villot Jean Arthur
John Le Capelain 1812-1848 Jonathan Voak
St Mary's Church datestone 4 Peter Bisson and Christopher Aubin
Pierre Labey, privateer Peter Raban
Militia uniform buttons Nicholas Le Cornu
1991 The Family of Philippe d'Aubigny Trevor Labey
Ecole Elementaire or Elementary School Janet Likeman
Population of Jersey in the 17th and 18th centuries Jason St John Nicolle
John Le Caudey and the export of the first early potatoes from Jersey K P Durtnall
Jersey oak chests Richard Stevens
Stirling Castle Jonathan Lee
1992 Barnaby Vicq W R Meyer
New museum reviewed Rona Cole
Pixley sepulchre Trevor Labey
St Helier burial grounds Robin Cox
Giot family of Crabbe Jean Arthur
1993 Education in Jersey - Part 1 John Le Marquand
A Jersey chest Richard Stevens
La Crete Fort - 'A respectable little work' Martin Brice
1994 Bordage, bedelage and sergente tenure Christopher Aubin
Peter, privateer Peter Raban
1995 Occupation and Liberation - a financial perspective Colin Powell
General Conway William Davies
1996 Philippe de Barentin and the Payns of Samares Peter Bisson
Militia long service medal Stuart Elliott
La Chasse, Maufant Guy Dixon
Jersey chairs Richard Stevens
1997 Education in Jersey - Part 2 John Le Marquand
The perquages of Jersey, the sanctuary paths of legend Christopher Aubin
The Bailiffs' role as speakers Sir Peter Crill
The Fiery Column Warwick Rodwell
1998 The 'island site' Paul Drury
Canon law Lawrence Hibbs
The Channel Islands cables and international communications networks Donard de Cogan
1999 Education in Jersey - Part 3 John Le Marquand
Legacy of Walter Raleigh Sir Michael Wilkes
Edmund Blampied's illustrations for Thomas Nelson books Andrew Hall


2001 St Helier harbours to the beginning of the 19th century Alec Podger
Language changes Nicol Spence
Surville Jean Arthur
2002 The beginnings of photography in Jersey Jonathan Carter
The true lineage of the Hemery Family Trevor Labey
The Royal Court at Grouville Christopher Aubin
2003 Quakers in Jersey Anthea Hall
2004 16th century development of Mont Orgueil Castle Neil Rushton
2005 Mont Orgueil and General Conway Colin Platt and Rosemary Mesch
2006 The high-vaulted room at Mont Orgueil John McCormack
Mont Orgueil chapels Colin Platt
Collecting Jersey postcards Charles Larbalestier
2007 District Nurses Marie-Louise Backhurst
Pontac House Trevor Labey
2008 Who actually built Mont Orgueil? M T Myres
Soyecourt and Jersey:A tale of adoption after the Great War C N Aubin
Arthur Hellyer Peter Hellyer
2009 Only one William d'Aubigny: A new theory about a Norman Baron Rosemary Hampton
Broadlands Grouville - Part 1 Trevor Labey
How was La Rocco Tower damaged? Bob Le Sueur
14th century storms Frank Le Blancq


2010 William d'Aubigny 'Pincerna' and 'Brito' - individual identities from historic records Martin Courtier
A review of the 1906 report on immigration Mark Boleat
William Carr Beresford - Last Governor of Jersey Rosemary Mesch
2012 Longueville Manor revisited Rozelle Sutherland
Finance and banking during the Occupation Mary Gibb
2013 Philippe Dumaresq, Seigneur of Samares
2014 Jean Poingdestre biography - 2 Charles Stevens
The German mutiny planned for just before the Liberation Robert Le Sueur
19th century immigrant Army and Navy officers Margaret Mesch
The Yews Guy Dixon
Clarence Ahier's Great War diary Introduction by Ian Ronayne
2016 Clarence Ahier's Great War diary - Part 2 - 1917
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