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Are we sure about this name?

There are three possible meanings for this name:

  1. If we mean to refer to la Langue Jèrriaise, then we need an accent on that e
  2. If we mean to refer to the word Jersiaise, then we have too many r's in it
  3. If we want to remind everybody about certain allegations that some may have collaborated with the 'Jerries' in the distant past, then we have it dead right.

So, which is it? I think this needs sorting out before use of the name spreads too far and wide. --BeanCrock 17:25, 27 July 2010 (UTC)

You have a point, BeanCrock, but you can't be a true Jerseyman if you prefer Bean to Crapaud!! Jerri refers to Jersey in la langue Jèrriais, but when we first got started it wasn't that easy to put in accented characters. Now we have them available at the bottom of the page when editing and creating material We're certainly nothing to do with the Jerries, because that would have made us Jerrypedia. It's just unfortunate that the 20th century invaders sound like the natives, although not spelt the same

I suppose what we need is someone to go through the whole site and change every reference from Jerri to Jèrri, but then we get into complications with the intended URL for the site, which will shortly be I think we're best devoting our efforts to new content, and even though I live in France, I don't have any accented characters on my keyboard

Welcome to Jerripedia/Jèrripedia and I look forward to seeing your contributions

Kind regards Mike Bisson

Hi Mike

Well Jerripedia is certainly better than being Donkipedia and probably the only other possibility was Jerseypedia which is not as catchy:) Thanks for all your hard work with the site which is a great boon for many researchers. I particularly like a lot of the history pages - family history is not just branches on a tree. Rather the richness of researching family history can only be discovered by placing ancestors in the context of their environment.

One question - I have some images of Herivel graves from Alderney. If they can be loaded onto Jerripedia, what is the maximum size and format required?

Now back to your wonderful page on non-fiction books to see what I don't have. It warms the cockles of this librarian's heart to see such a great bibligraphy.

Cheers Jan Herivel Sydney Oz

Hi Jan

Thanks for your message. I have been working on Jerripedia all day and it warms the heart to hear from someone who appreciates the efforts. My trouble is that every time I research something to help complete an article I come up with material to creat another dozen. I am eating into my to-do list but it keep expanding! Still, I have only been going six months and anticipate that given another six the site will be even more special than it already seems to be.

I can now accept photographs but for the time being we are restricting uploading to administrators. If you can create the page into which they will fall and email them to me at I will do the necessary. Size and format don't matter because I will be able to format them, but if you start with .jpegs of no more than 50Kb there will be little left for me to do with them.

I'm not quite sure where Alderney gravestones will fit into the site at the moment. They are certainly going to be part of Donkipedia but whether they come under a family page or the Alderney page I leave it to you to decide.

Keep watching the non-fiction books page - I have got so many to add to it, waiting in my to-do list.

I have a copy of G R Balleine's History of Jersey on order from Amazon having found it on line yesterday. That will add another vital volume to my collection.

I'm glad you like the general history. It certainly gives me the greatest pleasure to research this area. Family trees and baptism records are a bit on the monotonous side but I have a passion for the history of Jersey. Keep an eye on my 'virtual historical tour' of Jersey. I think it will take another week or so to complete the basic tour, but then I have all the linked pages to complete.

And as for photographs. This has just opened a whole new can of worms. The potential is endless.

Let's look forward to Jerripedia in 2015 - what will we have then?

Kind regards and keep in touch


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