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The Seigneur of Sark is the head of Sark in the Channel Islands. "Seigneur" is the French word for "lord". A female head is called the Dame of Sark. The husband of a female ruler of Sark is not a consort but a ruler of Sark himself.

The Seigneur's office is hereditary. With permission of the Queen it may also be sold. The Seigneur had a suspensive veto power and the right to appoint most of the island's officers.

The residents of Sark voted to introduce a fully-elected legislature to replace the Feudalism|feudal government in 2006, and the law change was approved on April 9, 2008.

  1. Hellier de Carteret (1563-1578)
  2. Philippe de Carteret I (1578-1594)
  3. Philippe de Carteret II (1594-1643)
  4. Philippe de Carteret III (1643-1663)
  5. Philippe de Carteret IV (1663-1693)
  6. Charles de Carteret (1693-1715)
  7. John Carteret (1715-1720)
  8. John Johnson (Seigneur of Sark)|John Johnson (1720-1723)
  9. James Milner (Seigneur of Sark)|James Milner (1723-1730)
  10. Susanne le Pelley (1730-1733)
  11. Nicolas le Pelley (1733-1742)
  12. Daniel le Pelley (1742-1752)
  13. Pierre le Pelley I (1752-1778)
  14. Pierre le Pelley II (1778-1820)
  15. Pierre le Pelley III (1820-1839)
  16. Ernest le Pelley (1839-1849)
  17. Pierre Carey le Pelley (1849-1852)
  18. Marie Collings (1852-1853)
  19. William Thomas Collings (1853-1882)
  20. William Frederick Collings (1882-1927)
  21. Sibyl Mary Hathaway (1927-1940 and 1945-1974), with Robert Hathaway (1929-1940 and 1945-1954)
  22. John Michael Beaumont (1974-present)

German Representatives (subordinated to the Germany|German Commandant of Guernsey)

  • Stefan Herdt (1940-1942)
  • Johann Hinkel (1942-28 March 1943)
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