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John Le Cornu


John Le Cornu (1842-1923), was the son of Philippe Le Cornu and Margaret Marett. They emigrated to Australia and John, who was married twice, was the long-serving clerk of Prospect Council. The following obituary appeared in the Adelaide Register, on Tuesday 24 July 1923.


John arrived in South Australia in 1874 on the Stratton Audley, twenty years after his brother Philip. With him were his second wife, of five years, Jane Elizabeth, nee Filleul, and his children by his first marriage to Mary Elizabeth Le Blancq: John, Mary Jane, Philip Wesley and Lizzie Ann; and those of his second marriage: Alfred and Eva Jane. His eighth child, Herbert, was born three years after the family settled in Adelaide.

John was a shipwright, farmer, carpenter and agent, before being appointed District Clerk of Prospect Council in 1879.


By the death of Mr John Le Cornu at the residence of his daughter (Lieut-Col Eva McLeod, of the Salvation Army), the district of Prospect has lost a resident of many years standing. He was 81 years of age. During the past three months he had resided with his daughter in Melbourne.

The life of Mr Le Cornu and the progress of Prospect were very closely allied, for he was for 42 years the clerk of the district council and it was not until February 1922 that he retired from the position.

He was granted at the beginning of 1921, 12 months leave of absence, during which he paid , with his daughter (Lieut- Col. McLeod) a visit to his native land, Jersey. Upon his return he took up his residence in Melbourne.

Le Cornu family grave

His period of office at the Prospect Council was marked by wonderful progressiveness in that neighbourhood. In 1879, when he first assumed the role of district clerk, Prospect was considered remote and was a sparsely populated suburb, there being but 240 houses of which the assessment was £440, and the assessed value £9,799, with rates totalling £367.

Upon his retirement in 1921 the houses there numbered 3,600 and were assessed at £123,375 and the rates were £11,823. Old and young members of present Prospect Council entertain affectionate regard for the deceased, in whom they had reposed the utmost confidence and faith.

During his 42-year regime he was on every occasion appointed returning officer for the annual district council elections.

Although Mr Le Cornu's greatest activities were thrown into his work as clerk, his other interests were manifold. He was for many years a lay preacher in the local Methodist Church and was well known for his sound addresses. The Sons of Temperence Lodge claimed him as a member, and his interest in matters of that nature was intense.

The family comprises John Le Cornu (WA) and P Le Cornu (Maylands), Mrs Beauchamp (Perth) and Lieut- Col Eva McLeod (Malvern) There are also about 20 grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren.

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