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This page provides links to all the best picture pages in Jerripedia. The site now contains over 57,000 pictures, spread across the majority of its 10,000-plus pages. Some have a single picture, some have extensive galleries. We have restructured parts of the site to provide easier access to some of the best images, and the links below will take you to some of the largest and most important galleries.

It is now the largest on-line collection of images of Jersey - that honour was previously held by the Société Jersiaise photographic archive, which has 35,000 of its collection online. Regardless of numbers, we believe that Jerripedia's collection is the most interesting and comprehensive, easiest to access and best displayed collection of Jersey photographs and artwork.

If you have pictures taken in Jersey which you believe are worthy of a place on this site, please contact and we will make arrangements to add them to our pages.

Selected galleries and picture pages

Direct links to some of the largest and most important Jerripedia picture galleries


Some of our best picture galleries

Picture of the week


Every week Jerripedia editors select a single photograph (or sometimes a set of two or three) which present a particularly important view of Jersey in days gone by. It might be a striking old image of a part of the island which has changed little over the years, but it is more likely to recapture a view from the past which has long disappeared. It may be a photograph (or a painting or drawing) selected from one of our existing galleries, but more often than not it will be a picture which has not previously appeared on the site.

All the pictures of the week which have appeared since this feature was introduced in June 2011 have been transferred to an archive page, where they are retained as a diverse and fascinating pictorial record of Jersey, its people and places of historical interest.

  • Pictures of the week archive:
2011 - 2012 - 2013 - 2014 - 2015 - 2016 - 2017 - 2018 - 2019

Jersey photographers

Jerripedia features the work of hundreds of photographers, many of them anonymous, many others well known. Some were active in the island at the very dawn of photography in the 1840s, and the history of photography in Jersey is in many ways a history of photography itself.

Our main photography page provides information about many of the most important of the pioneer photographers and examples of their work, as well as links to articles about the history of their art in the island.

Recent additions


New pictures reach Jerripedia daily from a wide variety of sources, and are added to the site as soon as possible. Then they have to be allocated to individual pages and galleries, with captions providing as much information as is available. All of this work is very time-consuming and has to be dovetailed with all the other site development. Unfortunately this means that there is a considerable backlog of images waiting to be added to the site.

In order to speed up this process somewhat we have introduced a gallery of miscellaneous new pictures, which have yet to be fully researched and added to the appropriate page or gallery, but are deemed to be of sufficient importance and general interest to merit a place in this holding gallery, usually with only the briefest of captions. Any Jerripedia visitor who recognises any of these images and believes that they can provide information about the subject is invited to contact

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