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7 November - 13 November 1848[1]
Cour d’Heritage
Ceremonial opening

The opening of the Cour d’Heritage for the present term took place yesterday at the Court-house, with the usual ceremonies.

His Excellency the Lieut-Governor was attended by Major Fraser and Major Du Vernet. Many ladies were in Court as spectators.

The Prévôt of St John’s, not being in Court when called, upon making his appearance subsequently, excused himself on account of “a marriage in his family” – an apology, the naiveté of which, occasioned much merriment.

The usual banquets were given by the Bailiff and Queen’s Receivers after the ceremony.

Army appointment

We are informed that Mr De Vicq Valpy, son of Mr J Valpy, of King Street, has just been appointed to the Ensigncy in the 29th Regiment.

Fears for boats

Fears are entertained for the safety of the Hazard, Pallot, which left Havannah on 28 August, and for the Mary Wetherall, which ought to have arrived from Newfoundland many weeks ago; and neither of which vessels have yet been heard of in Jersey.

Gravel hazard

Bath Street all Wednesday was pestered with the nuisance of a heap of gravel thrown upon the pathway and on part of the road near the residence of Judge Le Gallais.

Have the police no power to remove such abominations?

Trinity Constable

Thomas Gallichan, Esq, (son-in-law of Judge Le Maistre) has been unanimously chosen candidate for Constable at the ensuing election for the Parish of Trinity.

He has already filled the office twice, successively.

What shall we do with the drunken sailor?

A drunken sailor, a foreigner, was arrested by Mr Centenier Chevalier on Friday morning, for assaulting Mr John Binet at his inn and breaking his windows.

The Centenier was compelled to tie the ruffian by both hands and feet before he could succeed in lodging him in the hospital.

Thief caught again

Mollie Malzard, that fair cloak and umbrella stealer, who only left the Hospital on Monday, was rebestowed there on Tuesday morning, she having been detected in the fact of a fresh indulgence in her passion for the appropriation of other people’s apparel and personal appertainments in general.

Woman hit by wine bottle

Mrs Le Cras, the wife of Mr Ph Le Cras, Huissier of the Royal Court, was seriously injured on Tuesday morning last, in Hilgrove Lane, by the falling upon her head, from a two-storey high window, of a wine bottle filled with water, which had served the folk above as a succedaneum for a flower vase.

Monument to Le Capelain
Friday 10 November 1845

At a public meeting of the griends and sdmirers of the late Mr John Le Capelain, held at the British Hotel, St Helier on Wednesday evening, 1 November – Dr Brohmier in the chair – the following resolutions were unanimously adopted:-

  • That a subscription be opened, for the purpose of erecting a monument to the memory of the distinguished artist, John Le Capelain, and of purchasing a portion of his works, with a view to originating a “National Gallery” in this Island.
  • That a committee be appointed to promote the said subscription, and that such committee do consist of the following gentlemen: - P W Nicolle, Jurat; Ph Le Gallais, Jurat; J Hammond, Solicitor-General; Peter Le Sueur, Constable of St Helier; G H Horman, Advocate; Dr Brohier; J Landseer; C le Quesne; John Godfray (St Saviour’s); J J Gabourel, (to be Treasurer); H C White; M De La Taste; Mr J D Mackenzie; Mr Le Bailly, Mr Ouless; Mr Wade; Mr Philip Falle; Mr J Bowden; Mr H L Manuel (to be Secretary); with power to add to their number, and five to form a quorum.
  • That subscription lists be placed at the Chamber of Commerce, at the local banks, at Mr Ph Falle’s, and at the principal Publishers and Stationers in the Island.
Installation of J J Hammond
as Provisional Grand Master
Jean Hammond (Baudoux).jpg
Jean Hammond

This grand ceremony took place on Tuesday last at Masonic Hall, Museum Street, St Helier.

The Provincial Grand Lodge was “close-tyled”, as the Brothers express the mystery, at 11 o’clock; and what occurred therein subsequently none but the Brothers know.

At about a quarter before 1 o’clock the Brothers left Masonic Hall in procession for St Paul’s Church.

A band led the way followed by nearly 150 Masons, ranged, insigniaed, and bannered in full mystic order; the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master crowning the march with his stately presence, bare-headed, with the hammer of the Grand Master in his right hand, and invested with all the splendid decorations attached to his high Masonic rank.

The procession passed through Belmont Row, Bath Street, Beresford Street, Halkett Place, King Street and New Street, to St Paul’s Church where the Divine Service was most impressively performed by the Rev Mr Richards, a collection being made after the sermon, for the sacred purposes of charity.

At about 3 o’clock the Brethren left the Church, reversing the order of their march to the Masonic Hall, where, at about 6 o’clock, the Brothers, to the number of nearly 200, sat down to a splendid dinner, in honour of their Provincial Grand Master.

After the cloth was removed, the usual loyal toasts were pledged, Brother David Miller officiating as Master of the Ceremonies. Then followed the healths of the Earl of Zetland, Right Worshipful Grand Master, and of the Earl of Yarborough, The Deputy Grand Master, and the Grand Officers.

Brother Harding then proposed the health of J J Hammond, Esq, their Provincial Grand Master, which Mr Hammond acknowledged in an admirable and most eloquent speech. Numerous other toasts were then given in succession, songs or performances from an excellent band being introduced after each.

The banquet was laid out on three tables, the Right Worshipful Grand Master presiding in chief; the second table being headed by Provincial Senior Grand Warden C J Hocquard, and the third by Provincial Junior Grand Warden Win Adams.

The Brothers separated soon after 11 o’clock and shortly before the close of a day which will be forever memorable in the annals of Freemasonry in Jersey.

Drawing of St Helier

Some time since we noticed an admirable drawing of the Town of St Helier, taken from Almorah Crescent, which we saw at the Chamber of Commerce.

We are much pleased to learn that the talented amateur artist who drew it has agreed to allow a lithographic print to be taken from it, and published by subscription.

It is now to be seen at Mr Moore’s, Bath Street, and a more correct or agreeable representation of the Town cannot be desired.

Baby left at Hospital
Saturday 11 November 1848

At about 11 o’clock on Thursday evening, the porter of the Hospital, in opening the gate in answer to a violent ringing of the bell, found a little basket hanging by a penknife which had been stuck into the panel.

Within the basket, laid upon shavings, was a female infant, carefully wrapped up and dressed in new clothes. It was consigned to a nurse.

A paper was also found in the basket with the following writing: “Elizabeth Frances was born on 30 October 1848 and the mother is not able at present to maintain it.

She thinks it better to leave it to your care for a few months when she will be able and glad to redeem the infant, that she is not willing to part with.

If you will take care of this infant for the time you will be handsomely rewarded. Please to call her by that name as the mother will call for her by that name.”

St James’ Church painted

St James’ Church, which during the past six weeks has been undergoing a complete cleaning and painting, is now greatly improved in appearance; the pillars supporting the galleries and ceiling are now of a bright green bronze, instead of white as formerly, which greatly relieves the eye; the windows facing south are shielded from the sun’s rays by neat red curtains, dulled, which effectually obscure the light, and shed an agreeable pink hue over the Church.

Hospital chapel opened

The new Hospital Chapel was opened on Friday morning last.

The Rev Mr Gallichan read prayers, and the sermon was preached by the Rev Mr Filleul, who took his text from the 5th verse of the 9th chapter of St Mark.

The congregation which attended on this interesting occasion was an exceedingly numerous one. After the service, many of those who attended were admitted to visit the new schools of the establishment, and to hear an examination of the children, who replied to the questions put to them by their teacher in a manner which afforded great satisfaction to all present.

No cholera

There was no truth in the rumour lately circulated that a case of cholera had occurred in one of the country parishes. The case, upon enquiry, was a child-bed death.

Police picnic

The Police of St Brelade went picnicing, their yearly custom, on Friday last. They visited St Catherine’s Bay Works and subsequently sat down, eighteen in number, to an excellent dinner at Capt Godfray’s Aurora inn.

Boy mendicants

“Allow me,” writes a correspondent, “to call your attention, and also that of the parish authorities, to the state of the children who stroll about town with hurdy-gurdies and guinea pigs.

These children are without homes, and, I verily believe, often without food, sleeping in the streets during the night.

I think that, before the winter sets in, these strolling mendicants should be either sent out of the Island, or taken care of in such a manner that the public would no longer be annoyed by their importunities.”

Property for sale

For sale, on reasonable terms, that most desirable and pleasantly situated residence, called Elmwood, near The Grove, in St Lawrence’s Parish (2¼ miles from Town).

The above premises combine every requisite for a respectable family, with farm buildings, all enclosed in farm-yard, in beautiful order, equal to new, and surrounded with about 25 vergées of the best land in Jersey, and in a high state of cultivation; the above commands the best view in the Island of the whole of St Aubin’s Bay and surrounding country scenery.

For terms and particulars apply to the Proprietor of the premises or to Mr Le Ber, Estate and House Agent, Royal Square.

Singing classes on the method of Wilhem

Mr Williams purposes a Class for Ladies, on Monday next, at 12 o’clock; at his Music Room, Chelsea House, Stopford Road, Bath Street.

The class will meet, as above, on Mondays and Thursdays, each lesson occupying one hour. Terms for the course of 60 lessons, £1 10s.

Situation vacant

Wanted. A person of a certain age who thoroughly understands housekeeping.

For particulars apply Mrs Asplet, Beresford Street. None need apply unless they can supply good references.

To be let

That most desirable and pleasantly situated residence, the property of J C Dallain, Esq., situated in the Parish of St Lawrence.

3 miles from Town. The house contains 15 rooms, including spacious dining and drawing rooms, entrance hall etc, coach house and stable, with a walled garden containing about 1½ vergées of land, well stocked with fruit trees of the choicest quality, and almost all full bearing; the avenue to the house is well planted with shrubberies.

The above is well adapted for a family of first rank and respectability. For particulars apply to the proprietor at No 21 Broad Street, to Mr Le Ber, Estate and House Agent, Royal Square, or to J Dallain, Esq, 15 Halkett Place.

Mauritius voyage

To sail on or about 20 October 1848, for Mauritius direct.

The fine and well-known barque, Twenty-Ninth of May, 400 tons, burthen, coppered and copper-fastened, now loading alongside the North Pier, in the Port of St Helier, John Abraham Godel, Commander.

The vessel has very good accommodation, both for cabin and steerage passengers.

Boarding house

Mr and Mrs Haddath’s boarding house establishment for the reception of ladies and gentlemen, No 22 Belmont Road, St Helier.

It will be the constant study of Mr and Mrs Haddath by strict attention to every domestic comfort and well-ordered table arrangements to give entire satisfaction to those who will kindly honour them with their patronage.

Terms: Per week 23s; per day 3s 6d (including servants’ charges). Private sitting rooms if required.

Notes and references

  1. Contains some items held over from earlier edition
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