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13 - 26 August 1855
Before Mr Judge Le Gallais

Monday 13 August 1855
Illegitimate child

Capt Thomas Brickford Hornebrook appeared before the Court to hear a report of the Constable of St Saviour, charging him with having on 2 May last caused to be registered under his name an illegitimate child to which Harriet Randall had given birth.

The prisoner pleaded ignorance of the law and observed that he had caused several of his children to be registered under his name in the parish of St Peter, by the Rev Mr Filleul, although that gentleman was aware under what circumstances he was living with the mother.

The Judge said that he could nto take congnisance of what had taken place some years ago at St Peter's; but that the charge now brought against the prisoner was one of so serious a nature that he could not do otherwise than send it before the Royal Court. In the meantime the prisoner would be taken to jail, unless he gave bail for his appearance before the Royal Court in the sum of £100.

Tuesday 14 August 1855
Assault on husband's lover

Mary Ann Cormick and Daniel Cormick, her brother, were brought up on the charge of having the day previous committed an assault in their lodgings in Clairview Street on the person of Amelia Hallett.

The female prisoner, it appears, is a married woman and the mother of four young children; her husband has taken a 'fancy' to Amelia Hallett, and has been detected by his indignant spouse taking walks with his fair one.

This aroused the prisoner's jealousy and, under pretence of having found a situation for Amelia Hallett in a lady's family, she went to her lodgings on Monday and invited her to her own in order to introduce her to her new mistress.

The unsuspecting Amelia, who ignored that her amours with Cormick's husband were known to his wife, accompanied her willingly, and was taken up two pair of stairs. On entering the room the prisoner at once accused the complainant of being the cause of all the misery she endured, and of her neglect by her husband.

Violent passion

Then flying into a violent passion she struck the plaintiff several heavy blows; her bonnet and shawl were torn to ribbons; her face was scratched and her eyes blackened.

This scene lasted full 25 minutes; the other prisoner, Daniel Cormick, being all the while a passive witness to the scene.

The prisoner admitted having struck the plaintiff, and expressed her regret at having given way to passion.

The Judge sentenced her to pay a fine of 10s or in default of payment, to 48 hours imprisonment. As to Daniel Cormick, he was discharged with a severe reprimand. The Judge also admonished Amelia Hallett as to the impropriety of her conduct in keeping company with a married man.

Friday 17 August 1855
Homeless men found on boat

James Scanlin, Michael Jandrell, Philip Cabot, Alfred Perrot, John Curtis, George Fleming, Samuel Salter and James Keller were brought up on the charge of vagrancy, having been found at midnight on Thursday huddled together in a boat on the pier.

Scanlin and Cabot said they had been a long time at the Hospital, in consequence of ill-health; they had left that establishment about a fortnight since, but had not been able to procure any work, and being without a home, they sought refuge in the boat.

The Judge ordered them back to the Hospital. As to Jandrell and Keller, they said they had no money to procure a night's lodging, and kept out of harm's way. They were dismissed with an injunction.

The four others (lads of 13 or 14 years old), most of them old offenders, were sent back to jail in order that their parents may be summoned to appear.

Monday 20 August 1855

The four young lads, Alfred Parrott, John Curtis, George Fleming and Samuel Salter, who had appeared on Friday last, were again brought up, in presence of their parents, who had been summoned to attend.

Parrott, Curtis and Salter, after having been reprimanded by the Judge, were given up to their parents, and the latter were enjoined to watch with more care over the conduct of their children.

Fleming, who had been placed at a blacksmith's by the authorities of the General Hospital, but had left his master, was remanded until the next day, in order to hear the Governor of the Hospital.

Visit by Home Secretary and
First Lord of the Admiralty
The opening day at Victoria College, three years ago

On Thursday morning the Black Eagle steam yacht, with Sir Charles Wood, First Lord of the Admiralty, Rear Admiral Sir Maurice F F Berkeley, KCB, and Sir George Grey, Her Majesty's Secretary of State for the Home Department on board, arrived at St Catherine's Bay about nine in the morning on their visit of inspection to the Channel Islands.

Shortly afterwards the Bailiff, Sir Thomas Le Breton, and the Crown Officers, were summoned to Government House to meet the Secretary of State, sir George Grey.

In the course of the afternoon their Lordships paid a visit to the College and on Friday took their departure from the island.

Previously to their arrival, Mr Walker, civil engineer, had come down to St Catherine's Bay from Alderney, purposely to lay down several buoys indicative of the form the New Harbour was to assume.

The distinguished visitors arrived on HMS Black Eagle
Court proceeds, but slowly

The dilatory proceedings of the Royal Court have been particularly remarkable this week in the case of Mrs Revel. The whole of the sitting of Tuesday was absorbed in taking the depositions in writing of Miss Julia Ramié, the principal witness in the case. On Wednesday the same tedious process took place and put an end to Miss Ramié's depositions.

On Thursday the case was again resumed and another witness, Miss Sebire, was submitted to the annoying torture of being questioned by Advocate Godfray, who seems to take a delight in multiplying his questions so as to prolong the sittings as much as possible.

Yesterday (Friday) depositions were taken in the case of a person named Barrett, accused of having caused two illegitimate children to be registered as being born in wedlock. The case was adjourned sine die, though that prosecution has now been pending for two years.

Frenchmen and lady bathers

Two respectably-dressed Frenchmen, named Arsene Le Roux and Jules Merrier, appeared before the Police Court charged with having, on Sunday morning, about six o'clock, gone among the rocks where a certain number of ladies were undressing for the purpose of bathing, and refused to leave the spot when requested to do so.

One of the prisoners observed that himself and his comrade were rather elated at the time, but that they had not insulted the ladies.

The Judge: You said nothing to the ladies, but your presence so near them in such a moment was in itself an insult, and you should have known it.

I shall, however, overlook the circumstance for this time; but I must enjoin you to abstain in future from going near the spot where ladies are bathing.

Adulterers remanded

Pierre Jules Duval and Marie Jourdan, wife of Joseph Etasse (all natives of France) were brought before Court, charged with having committed adultery.

Duval and Marie Jourdan had been apprehended on the complaint of Etasse.

Marie Jourdan did not deny the charge but alleged that her husband had turned her out of doors, and had told her to gain her livelihood the best way she could.

The Judge, after hearing several witnesses, postponed the case to the next day, when, after hearing additional evidence, the Judge said that the truth of the charge being admitted by the prisoners, he had no other alternative left him than to commit them for trial before the Royal Court.

Marie Durant was therefore sent back to jail; the male prisoner was allowed to give bail to the amount of £2 for his reappearance whenever called upon

HMS Avon

HMS Avon arrived here on Monday afternoon to take on board part of the family – Miss Lamb (her ladyship's sister) and two daughters – and the effects of Rear Admiral Sir George Sartorius. The eldest and youngest sons of Sir George remain at our College


Lieut Mecham, son of Captain Mecham, of this island, has, according to the London Gazette been promoted to the rank of Adjutant in the 92nd Foot. We read in the same official paper that Captain G R Aplin, son of Admiral Aplin, also of thie island, has been made Brevet Major.

Castle party

The artillery at Elizabeth Castle has been practicing for some days past by firing at a target 2,000 yards distant, and on Tuesday the officers of that corps entertained a distinguished party at said Castle. His Excellency Major General Love honoured the company with his presence.

Lieutenant's death

We regret to have to record the premature death of a young promising officer of the 86th Regt, Lieut Fred gardner, son of John Gardner Esq, Secretary to His Excellency the Lieut-Governor of this island. He died at Aden while bathing, and is much regretted by his brother officers and a large circle of friends.

Royal anniversary

Monday 3 September, being the ninth anniversary of Her Majesty's landing in Jersey, is to be commemorated by several displays of loyalty.

A grand cavalcade, got up by the non-commissioned officers of the Royal Militia, is to leave St Helier's for a grand promenade through the rural parishes of the Island, calling on their way at the Manor House of St John's, after which they are to partake of a banquet especially prepared for the purpose at St Helier's.

Scaffold accident

A sad accident befel a man names Charles Marett on Monday last.

The church of St Brlade's being under repair, a scaffolding had been erected for that purpose and towards the evening, as the men employed were leaving off work, Marett was in the act of coming down a ladder, resting on some boards, when all of a sudden the ladder gave way and precipitated him on the roof of the body of the church, and had one of his legs broken.

Being the only support of his family, a subscription, headed by the rector and some of the charitable persons of the parish, was entered into in order to afford some relief to his wife and children.


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