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Farming was the mainstay of Jersey's economy for hundreds of years. To begin with it was simply a matter of growing enough food to allow the population to survive, but gradually farmers became experts in crops which grew particularly well in the island's fertile soil, and were able to export quantities which made them and the island rich.

The most notable farming success has been the Jersey Royal new potato, which was the island's main crop in the 20th century and probably remains so today. But the island was once famous for its cider, the making of which has all but died out. The Jersey cow, which until recently was bred in isolation from cattle elsewhere in the world, has also been a valuable export.

An old Jersey farmhouse
A typical Jersey farm in the early 20th century
Milking time

Jean Poingdestre

17th century writer Jean Poingdestre's views of Jersey agriculture

Alban Ragg

19th century writer Alban Ragg's view

James Playfair

Early farming


Two Jersey Heritage articles

Jersey cow



Bulb growing

Farming heritage survey


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