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Family research

Jerripedia's unique comprehensive online index to registers of baptisms, marriages and burials in the island's 12 parish churches from the 16th century to 1842 was launched in October 2012, and in 2017 a further 100,000 later records were added to our database to bring the total to around half a million.

Work has continued ever since to find and correct errors in these records and in 2020 we started adding records for Roman Catholic and Methodist churches.

This section of the site is the heart of Jerripedia for those interested in researching their family history. The list of Main subjects below will take you to the most important sections. The family pages provide information on over 1,200 Jersey families, including the origins of the family names, the earliest occurrences in Jersey, links to family trees and also direct links to our records database.

There is also a separate link to an alphabetical index of over 3,300 family trees, and another to a selection of the more important trees for those seeking to trace their ancestry back through prominent Jersey families with records pre-dating the Parish Church registers.

User contributions to our family pages and family trees are always welcome. Please click on User contributions to learn how this works. If you feel that you can help us in any other way, please click on Contact.

Main subjects

Now adding records for Roman Catholic, Methodist and other non-conformist churches

The records


Other helpful pages

Seeking information

The release of baptism registers for Jersey's Church of England churches by Jersey Heritage in 2016, and their subsequent inclusion in Jerripedia and Ancestry meant that vital historical documents which were previously locked away from public view in the vaults of Jersey Archive were in the public domain. But although Jerripedia has a comprehensive index, the registers, containing thousands of pages recording the important events in the lives of our ancestors are still inaccessible to those without an Ancestry subscription.


To coincide with the addition of the new records to Jerripedia's already extensive online collection, we started a free service to look up register entries on behalf of our users, and the hundreds of requests received since have proved the value of this service. Now Jerripedia's new Facebook presence makes it even easier to seek more information to help your family history research from some of the top experts on the subject

Email help

You can still contact us by email, but that method of seeking help is limited to one request per email address at a time. And it only covers two types of search

  • An attempt to find an elusive record which researchers believe should be in our index, but is not there, possibly because it was incorrectly transcribed
  • A search for extra information which may be contained in the original register entry but has not been copied to our index

At its best, this is a two-way exchange of information, to help us improve on the accuracy of our index, and attract further family information from researchers. As our article explaining this service in detail indicates, priority is given to requests accompanied by information drawing attention to errors located in other records or offering to provide photographs, family histories and family trees to supplement what is already available about their ancestors.


But, for a rapid response to any questions about the history of Jersey families, or the island they lived in, a post to our Facebook page is likely to provide the fastest results, and a full range of opinions from various fellow researchers. Click on the link in the navigation box at the top of the left column to go direct to the Facebook group, join and post your questions.

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