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6 January - 10 January 1920
Parish of St Brelade: Law on roads

Every person possessing either a motor-car, cycle-car, motor-cycle, velocipede, horse or other draft animal, is required during the month of January 1920, under the penalty of twenty shillings, to furnish the Constable with the number and description of the same upon the form which will be supplied by the Constable upon application.

J H Le Boutillier, Connetable

The Newfoundland “Fencibles”

In the year 1882 two flags belonging to a Newfoundland Militia Regiment known as the “Newfoundland Fencibles” were brought to the Island and placed in St Brelade’s Parish Church. The Newfoundland Government have now requested the Rector and Churchwardens to return the trophies to the Colony, and by a notice in another column it will be seen that a meeting of Principals and Officers will be held in the Parish Hall, St Aubin, tomorrow afternoon at 3.30, to decide on the matter.

Family sent to France

Victor Lemee, together with his wife and children, was repatriated today by the ps Conqueror which left at 6 o’clock for St Malo. Mrs Lemee has been an inmate of the Public Lunatic Asylum for some time and the children have been kept at the Jersey Home for Boys and the Jersey Female Orphanage. The repatriation was effected on an order from the Royal Court.


Practically all the elementary schools in St Helier’s are closed today owing to the outbreak of measles.

Jersey Football Association

A council meeting of the Jersey Football Association was held at the Beresford Café last evening, Mr T Adderson being in the chair.


Those present included Messrs C J Sheil and J Marquis (Vice-Presidents), H A Dupre (Hon Treas), and representatives of the RGA National Rovers, YMCA, Wanderers, Old St Paul’s, Wasps, Gorey, Country Parishes League and Mr H Gould, Hon Sec Referees’ Committee.

The minutes of the last meeting were read and duly confirmed. Several new players were registered, these including W Beasley, the former RGA player, who has signed on for the Wanderers.

Lieut Goldsmith, on behalf of the RGA, tendered the resignation from the 1st Div League. The local Battery had not been reinforced as was expected, and they had with regret to withdraw from the League. The resignation was accepted, the chairman expressing the regret of the Council of the decision, the RGA having always proved themselves true sportsmen.

This withdrawal will naturally necessitate the League table being rearranged. It was decided that the players who had “signed on” for the RGA would be allowed to register for any club without requalifying.

The Wanderers were fined for playing two men in the wrong colours in their match v Gorey.

A strange story

We have seen mysterious robberies filmed but we doubt whether we have ever seen one which contains the elements attributed to an alleged burglary said to have been perpetrated last night at a house occupied by Mrs Noresse at No 12 Kensington Place.

The matter is now in the hands of Centenier J Vautier, who is doing his best to unravel it. We wish him success.

From investigations made following the complaint it appears that last night the occupants of the room (a young man and a boy) were awakened by the forcible opening of the window. The night was very dark, but, despite this, in the obscurity, a man was seen attempting to enter. Not being successful, however, he grasped at a silver watch and five one-pound Treasury notes which were lying on a table nearby.

Meanwhile, the man jumped out of bed and, making a rush, succeeded in catching hold of the intruder by the hand, which he bit severely. The pain was such that the thief let go his hold. The watch and two of the notes fell but he was able to get away with three. He then, it is stated, decamped with a confederate down Kensington Place and still remains at large.

Such is the story of this alleged burglary. Our readers will admit there is something very mysterious about the whole affair. We therefore advise anyone who may chance to meet any individual with a bad hand and three pounds to communicate with the police.

Attempted burglary at St Peter Rectory

Up to the present the St Peter’s police have no definite clue to the perpetrators of the several daring burglaries and attempt at burglary committed in that parish, and the thieves appear to carry on their nefarious practice with impunity, but with a degree of self-consciousness which is not without its humorous as well as its serious sides.

Their last exploit was at the Rectory, which they visited on Sunday night last, but fortunately they appear to have been disturbed whilst in the act of attempting to remove the safe, for apart from the fact that this had been displaced no other damage was noticed.

An examination of the premises shows that the thieves had entered the place through a back window. The weather was extremely boisterous, and neither the Rector (Rev Frs de Gruchy) nor the members of his household heard any disturbance.

Matters have reached a very serious pitch at St Peter, and we can only express the hope that the police, who have once more been apprised of the facts will shortly effect an arrest.

Conversazione at St Paul’s

Organised by a number of the ladies of the Church, a very enjoyable conversazione took place yesterday afternoon at St Paul’s Mission Hall, which had been most tastefully decorated with chrysanthemums, greenery and bunting.

Tea was served at tete-a-tete tables, and selections were given on the Rev Poynder’s gramophone, which is admitted to be the finest instrument of its kind in the Island. Miss Bell also gave great pleasure with an elocutionary item, “Mrs Green”.

The Church tea and entertainment takes place at the same hall this evening.

Entertainment at Bethel

The entertainment at Bethel, Le Hocq, so successfully given on Wednesday evening, was repeated last night with equal, if not even greater success.

The schoolroom was once again packed with an enthusiastic audience, those present including Mr S G Crill (Constable), Mr John Pallot (Deputy) and Mr Ph. Billot (Chef de Police). At the close, Mr A G Ahier, accompanist, was presented with a pair of silver salt cellars.

Saturday 10 January 1920
Jersey Home for Boys

Sir, I regret that my enforced absence from the Island soon after the Xmas festivities has caused so great a delay in the writing of this letter.

Will you kindly allow me now to tender my very sincere thanks for the sum of £11 2s collected by Mr F A Le Sueur. £5 in memoriam of the late Co. Robin; £1 1s from Mr C T Maine; £1 from Mr Dove; £2 from Mr Moitie; and 10s from Mr Egre.

I also desire to express my gratitude to Messrs Le Riche for gift of oranges; Mrs Andrews of Gorey for sweets; Miss Vibert for two splendid cakes; Messrs Laurens and R J G Voisin for footballs, Messrs De Gruchy and Larbalastier for toys; and the managers of the Opera House, Alhambra and West’s for invitations to attend performances.

Thanks to the most generous gifts from Islanders, on behalf of the Home for Island Boys, we were able to give the lads a grand Christmastide, and a most enjoyable New Year, and still have a small balance which I propose to use (subject to the approval of our numerous benefactors) to form a nucleus for a fund to provide a really efficient magic lantern which would give great pleasure this winter and for many winters to come.

Several gifts have, at the special request of the donors, remained unacknowledged in the Press. If, however, I have inadvertently omitted any which should have been so acknowledged, I offer my very sincere apologies in advance, and, if the givers will kindly notify me, I will arrange for their publication in the early issue.

In conclusion, I would once again assure all our friends of my most sincere gratitude, and would thank you too, Sir, for your kindness in allowing me to use so much of your valuable space.

Yours faithfully,

Percy C W Vardon, Headmaster, Home for Boys, Gorey

Dolls heads

The Jersey Toy Co Ltd, Don Road. Large assortment of dolls’ heads and wigs in stock. Discarded toys and dolls purchased for cash.


The supply of butter, being severely limited, the public are hereby notified that demands must accordingly be restricted.

It is hoped that, if assistance is given in this manner it may be possible to avoid rationing.

The public are reminded that the export of butter is prohibited.

Ernest Le Sueur, Greffier

Jersey Organists and Choirmasters Association

A very successful soiree, organised by the committee of the above Association, was held at the Museum Hall on Thursday evening. Whist was indulged in, and during the interval light refreshments were handed round and the following ladies and gentlemen favoured with vocal or instrumental items: The Misses Mayo, Myee de Gruchy and Doris Mesny and Messrs G R Rodger and P Dingle.

The party broke up shortly after midnight after the President (Mr C E R Stevens) had expressed the pleasure it had given members of being able to meet their friends. Mr S P Channon performed the duties of M C in a very efficient manner.

Successful Jersey boy singer

With pleasure we record that Master Lyndon Marguerie, son of Mr and Mrs T H Marguerie, has been successful in winning a scholarship at Winchester Cathedral Choir School, after a keen competition in solo singing. We learn that Master Marguerie, who is but eleven years of age, was the youngest competitor, and is also the first boy from the Channel Islands to win this much-coveted distinction. He is expected home tomorrow morning by the Southampton boat, having been granted two weeks holiday.

Death of Mr Snowdon Malzard

It is with deep regret that we announce the death of Mr Snowdon Malzard, second son of Mr and Mrs Gordon Malzard, of Prospect House, St Peter’s, which occurred from pneumonia this morning.

The deceased went out to Canada shortly after leaving school, and, at the outbreak of war, joined up with the Canadians. He went through four years of very arduous work at the front and eventually left the Army with the rank of Sergeant-Major. He was taken ill so recently as Saturday last and did not, so we understand, definitely take to his bed until Sunday.

A young man of fine physique, Mr Malzard was formerly a prominent wrestler, having won the championship of his district (in Canada) while still almost a youngster.

Before John Vaudin Esq, Magistrate
A Bad beginning

Mary Johanna Kirwan, 19, was charged by Centenier J Vautier of St Helier, with having grossly insulted Mrs Agnes Cross (nee Churchill) and Mabel Cross, and this in Elizabeth Lane.

The accused said that she did not want her father to know what time she came home. If these people had spoken to her properly she would have done the same.

Centenier Vautier gave evidence as to the complaint. It appears the accused had spent her night in one of the lavatories of the house at No 3 Elizabeth Lane.

P C Le Gentil said that the girl was most violent on the way to the Police Station. She went about with a woman of ill-fame.

Mrs Cross said that the girl had evidently spent her night in the lavatory and was ordered out by her son. Later the accused insulted Mabel Cross and repeated the insults in regard to herself.

The case was remanded until Saturday in order that the accused’s father might be heard. It was possible that the girl’s character might be retrieved.

Societe Agricole de la Trinite:
Annual General Meeting

The annual general meeting of the Trinity Agricultural Society was held last evening at the British Hotel. The following officals were elected for the ensuing year:

  • President – Col E E Nicolle.
  • Vice-Presidents – Messrs C F Gruchy and J F A Gibaut.
  • Hon Treasurer – Mr Ph de Gruchy.
  • Hon Secretary – Mr Chas Gallichan.
  • Committee – Messrs J P Renouard, S H Blampied, J Blampied, J Le B Buesnel, A G Le Brun, R C de Gruchy, Geo Dorey, D le Gros, J Renouf, C W Blampied, C P Ahier and P Audrain.

The following gentlemen were chose to act as Judges – Messrs E F Alexander, G W de Carteret, C J Labey, E G Marett, J H Le Boutillier, J Le Ruez, P J Simon and E J Simon (supplementary), Horses – Messrs C P Le Marquand and A J Arthur.

Funeral of Mrs P M Richardson

The funeral of Mrs Richardson, wife of Mr P M Richardson, Solicitor, who died at their residence, No 2 Archery Place, St Mark’s Road, on New Year’s Day, took place yesterday morning.

The cortege left the house at 11.30 and proceeded to St Helier’s Parish Church, where it was met by the Very Rev the Dean, who conducted at the church and also at the graveside in Green Street Cemetery.

The following attended the funeral:

  • 1st coach: The Very Rev the Dean and Mr A S Le Riche (Parish Clerk).
  • 2nd coach: Mr T Payn (Jurat), Mr E Norman, Col F H Voisin and Mr P J Le Masurier.
  • 3rd coach: Mr P M Richardson, Mr P N Richardson and Mr V R Richardson.
  • 4th coach: Masters Hugh, Denys and Edward Richardson.

The inscription on the polished oak coffin was the following:

Susannah Esther Richardson, Born 29th Sept 1845, Died 1st Jan 1920

There were no flowers, by special request. The funeral arrangements were in charge of Mr Sydney Sinnatt of No 40, La Motte Street.

Advertisements – situations vacant
Motor drivers

Wanted: Four motor drivers. None but the most certified man need apply; wages 40/- per week, Sunday work included plus bonus. C I Motor and General Engineering Company, 37 Bath Street.


Wanted at once, girl for waitress and to make herself generally useful. Apply 11 Gloucester Street.

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