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1 March - 6 March 1920
Jersey’s Roll of Honour and Service

Jersey’s Roll of Honour and Service has now been issued in book form by the States War Roll Committee and should find a place in every Jersey home.

The book, which has been published at 5s, has been printed by Mr J T Bigwood. It runs to over 130 pages and contains, in addition to a complete record of the Island’s contribution in men to the various branches of His Majesty’s forces, many other matters of the greatest interest relative to the subject.

The artistic design on the cover and the wonderfully impressive frontispiece Lest we Forget, are the work of Mr Edmund Blampied, the famous Jersey artist, who has here given of his best.

Included in the contents are a list of members of the War Roll Committee, a descriptive foreword most sympathetically written (one takes the author to be the Very Rev the Dean) and a brief account by Sergt-Major J Le Breton of the services of the Jersey Contingent, together with a high appreciation of their work contained in a letter from their Commanding Officer.

There is also another equally-flattering communication in regard to the soldierlike qualities and devotion to duty of the Jersey soldiers from the CO of the King’s Royal Rifles.

The Roll of Honour and the Roll of Service are prefaced by copies of the messages forwarded by the States of Jersey to the next of kin of the men concerned.

Official notes on the mobilisation of the Royal Jersey Militia at the outbreak of war form a State paper of great interest, and finally the Deputy of St Saviour contributes a concise memorandum recapitulating the various political and economical phases through which the Island passed during the terrible years of the war.

One heartily congratulates the War Roll Committee on this book, which will remain a permanent record of the part played by Jerseymen in the war. The compiling of the lists has not been accomplished without a great deal of trouble, but knowing the people responsible one realises that it has all been through a labour of love.

Motor lorry and funeral coach collide

Yesterday afternoon a brewery motor lorry was passing through Charing Cross when it collided with the last coach of a funeral procession which was passing along that thoroughfare. The coach and lorry became firmly locked and some delay was caused until the vehicles were once again freed.

Grouville Centeniers

We learn that Centeniers P F Labey and T J Bree, of Grouville, whose terms of office have expired, have both consented to allow themselves to be re-nominated.

Recently it was suggested that a deputation should wait on these officials, but both gentlemen expressed the opinion that this step was unnecessary.

St Peter thieves
busy again

The thief or thieves, who for some time past have been worrying the residents of the western parishes, and have defied all efforts of the police to effect their arrest, have again resumed their activities, and for the second time within a month broke into the Western Stores on Sunday morning, though on this occasion the individual had to go to a great deal of trouble, and only managed to secure some 8s worth of stamps for his pains.

It appears that the man forced open a window, but found that a door barred his progress to any other portion of the house. He then must have made his exit, and forcing another window was able to reach the safe, which he attempted to break open.

This defied all his efforts, and it is supposed that the noise he made awakened Mrs Hawkins, who lives upstairs, for, having her suspicions aroused she came downstairs shortly before 6 o’clock, and looking out of the window saw a man making his escape.

Unfortunately she could not get a clear view of the thief, who showed great daring in attempting a burglary after dawn.

A window smashed

Yesterday (Monday 23rd) a motor car was being driven along Burrard Street to a repair shop in the neighbourhood when the steering gear went wrong, and the car collided with a pony trap belonging to Mr W Mourant of La Retraite, St Saviour.

The force of the collision caused the pony to swerve around and the shaft struck and smashed one of the windows of the Drug Stores. The pony was cut about the head, but fortunately escaped other injury.

Bal Masque at the Pavilion

A successful bal masque was held last evening (Monday 23rd) at the West Park Pavilion under the auspices of the Jersey Recreation Club. There was a good attendance and dancing to excellent music supplied by M de Lavaux’s orchestra was indulged in with gusto.

The feature of the evening was the dancing of Miss Vera Gellender (pupil of Miss Crose), whose Spring and Pierrot numbers called for loud applause.

During the evening, songs were rendered by Miss Phyllis Laurens, Miss Dorothy Mutton and Mr B Le Breton, these being very much enjoyed.

Mr G H Gellender, jun, acted as MC, he being assisted by Mr Le Breton. The catering was, as usual, undertaken by Mrs Buckley.

A Jersey Exhibition

The Jersey public are now able to visit a first-rate exhibition without travelling beyond their own shores, this being the exhibition of new carpets and rugs and linoleum in the King Street and Arcade windows of A de Gruchy and Co Ltd. This collection has never been surpassed in the Island, and includes the latest designs and newest colourings in Axminster carpets and seamless squares, sheepskin rugs etc. The elaborately-arranged exhibition also includes a variety of seamless and art carpets in various qualities ad sizes; also a splendid collection of printed and inlaid linoleums.

A walk around the exhibition will speedily convince the spectator that for quality and price, the goods on show will bear comparison with any similar exhibition on the mainland. The firm’s reputation is behind every article they sell and this alone should bear weight with those in want of carpets and rugs and linos.


Will anyone exchange a last year’s canary in song for a tame bullfinch. Write WM, EP Office.

Situations vacant

Wanted, a Butler. Easy place, comfortable home. £69 per year. Three weeks holiday yearly. Write H CN, EP Office.

Re-opening of an old firm

D B Messervy announces that he will re-open the establishment, No 20 Beresford Street (carried on by his father for over 30 years) with a new and up-to-date stock of household necessaries, including brooms, brushes, rapid carpet sweepers, high class vacuum cleaners, saucepans, stewpans, kettles, buckets etc. Call and see him.

Police Court
Before John Vaudin, Esq, Magistrate
Neglecting to maintain his wife

Ernest Hunt (32), was charged by Centenier J Vautier, of St Helier, with refusing to maintain his wife, Eveline Canivet Wallis, and their three-year-old child.

Accused said he had done his best to maintain his wife. He now had a good chance to work. He was a sign writer by trade.

Centenier Vautier said that on Monday his attention was drawn to a sad case at No 21 Hue Street. He saw a woman who was in a sad state, emancipated and apparently mentally deficient. The place was dirty and there was no food about. The woman was transferred to the Hospital.

The family lived at 21 Hue Street

The Constable of St Helier said he received a letter from a private source regarding Mrs Hunt. He went to the house, No 21 Hue Street, and found the room full of wicker baskets, a tarpaulin, some paint pots and a pair of boots fit for the destructor and marked 3s.

A little boy, who was very filthy, came forward, and the house was very dirty. There was no bread, no margarine and no fire. Mrs Hunt was then seen, she was very emaciated, and declared she had had no breakfast and that her husband had gone out to fetch some.

Witness gave orders for the removal of the woman to the Hospital. Hunt was arrested and pleaded much as he had done this morning. He declared that he painted baskets, and that he received 2d each for them.

As he could do six an hour his earnings would be 1s. With such money he should have been able to keep his home well. The accused was born in St Helier, and if he had been in ill-health he could have applied for relief.

Miss Battrick said Mrs Hunt was very abusive when brought in. It took eight nurses to get her into the straight jacket and into the padded room. The woman was very thin and run down. She said she did not have much food at home, only bread and margarine.

The case was remanded for one week in order to see if there would be any improvement in the wife’s condition.

The case was remanded for accused’s wife to be heard.

Wife from Guernsey

Mrs Hunt, in reply to the Magistrate, said she had been provided for by her husband, though her friends thought otherwise. She was delicate, and since leaving her husband’s people they had shared their crusts.

Her father was in Guernsey, and had arranged for her to go there when she was strong enough. She and her baby were well cared for at the Hospital. Her husband earned 2s 6d to 3s per day. She thought it would be better for her to remain at the Hospital until she went to her people.

Advocate Briard said his client was quite willing to pay for the maintenance of his wife and child at the Hospital.

Accused, in reply to the Magistrate, said he had no regular work.

The Magistrate said he did not think the accused had a great deal of energy. The charge of refusing to maintain his wife was perhaps not proved, but 10s a week spent on fuel and food for three persons could not be considered sufficient.

Accused would be liberated, but would have to maintain his wife at the Hospital.

'Miserable object' gaoled for theft

John Gosselin (48) was charged by Centenier J Vautier, of St Helier, with having, between 1 and 21 February, stolen and sold a fishing basket, 25lb of lead for drawnets, the property of Mr Philip James Brisset, the said Gosselin being at the time in the employ of the said Mr P J Brisset.

Mr J W Saunders said that Gosselin called at his house one day and offered to sell some fishing line; he said he wanted 2s or 3s. Witness bought one of the lines produced for 3s 6d. That was about a month ago.

Mrs Le Masurier said Mr Gosselin sold her 3s worth of line. He did not say where he had got it from.

Mr Sidney Lempriere said the accused called at his house about seven weeks ago and sold him a line for 9d. He said he was selling up all the old lines to buy new ones.

Mr Charles Le Quellenec said he lent Mr Gosselin 2s, with the fishing basket produced as security. He handed the basket over to the police.

Mr Percy Hunt said he bought the lead from Mr Gosselin about three weeks ago; he paid 2s 6d for it. That was a very fair price.

The Magistrate said he traced the accused’s record back as far as 1889.

In the present instance this person had given him the chance not one in a thousand would get. He not only lent his boat, but also his lines and then the accused sold them. He preferred going to the bureau and drawing out-of-work pay than work honestly. Accused was a miserable object and would have to go to gaol for one month with hard labour.

Dean’s sons decorated by the King

The King held an Investiture in the Ball Room at Buckingham Palace on Wednesday morning (25th). Amongst those decorated by His Majesty were the following:

  • The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire – Lieut-Commander Harold Falle, RNVR.
  • The Military Cross – Lieut Theodore Falle, Royal Irish Fusiliers.

Both these gallant officers are the sons of the Dean of Jersey and Mrs Falle.

Young Jersey sailor dies at Haslar

It is with sincere regret we announce the death which took place on Monday (23rd) at the Royal Naval Hospital Haslar, Gosport, of First Class Petty Officer Harold Philip Alexander Gould, eldest son of Mr and Mrs Gould of the Seaforth Hotel, Havre des Pas.

This gallant sailor, who was an Old St Paul’s boy, joined the RN when he was 17½ years of age, and left Jersey for active service in 1915.

For two years he was engaged in hazardous work with the Dover Patrol, that gallant band which so successfully kept the straits free.

On three different occasions he had been on service in the Baltic, and had also done duty in the North Sea. He was also on HMS Dragon, which accompanied the Prince of Wales on his recent visit to Canada.

Unfortunately, the exposure he had suffered on war service had undermined his constitution, and he was recently admitted to hospital.

Every attention was given, but unfortunately he passed away as stated in his 23rd year.

We tender the bereaved parents our heartfelt sympathy.

Enjoyable concert at Cercle St Thomas

A large and most appreciative audience was present at the Cercle St Thomas last evening (Tuesday 24th) when a very successful entertainment was given by the young men of the Cercle. The programme included a 3-act drama, a miscellaneous concert, and a gymnastic display, the whole being well carried out.

The play was the 3-act drama Yvonnik and previous to the curtain rising, P P Dreux advanced and, having offered respects to the Rev Pere Guillient, gave a brief outline of the play, which took place in 1796.

J Le Roux, having sung Dora Grande Maman de Bretagne, the play, which contained many exciting incidents, and was exceedingly well acted, was proceeded with. E Dreux was splendid at Yvonnik, and well deserved the applause he received.

A Leneindre did well as Le Marquis de Kerhoz, as did J Vadelorge as the Marquis’ son. P Dreux, as the spy of the Blues, was another popular character, whilst minor roles, equally well acted, were those of Antoine Even, J Le Troquer; Kadoc Tete Rouge, L Crespel; Jehan Poulder, J Le Roux; Noel Crosquer, J Le Fondre.

During the evening E Dreux sang in fine style Le Moucheux Rouge de Cholet; Miss M Juste was rapturously applauded for her rendition of That old-fashioned mother of mine; whilst Miss Phyllis Laurens gave a pleasing rendering of Moonlight, Start and Dew.

Previous to the gymnastic display, Pere Guillient addressed the audience, and stated that it had been their wish to have such a class for a long time past, but they had until lately been unable to find a capable instructor, but they fortunately now had Mr R Phillips.

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